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Deathchests and Shops | Survival
Guess what's back, back again... DeathChests back, tell a friend...
Making a glorious return to Survival, and coming soon to Enchanted;
DeathChests have returned!
Coded by magmaguy and now called ResurrectionChests, these special containers collect your inventory when you die!
To make one, simply place a chest or double chest, and place a sign on it with [DeathChest] on the 1st or 2nd line.
[Image: 5445a2c4027e7fea591f304423af7713.png]

Shops have also made a return and this time they don't crash the server! (yay)
They're made exactly the same way you made them before;
- Blank Line
- Item Amount
- Price
- Item Name
There are also server shops set up at spawn for Iron, Gold, Diamonds and now Emeralds. Including the gambling shop with better rewards than before!
[Image: 021e403a7938bfd5817d72837fc3199c.png]

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