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Patch 5.2.0 | Dungeons & More | [22-09-19]
Patch 5.2.0

- Added Dungeons
-- There are 7+ new types of randomly generated, explorable dungeons for players to journey through and collect loot.
-- They can generate in the Overworld and Nether, and only in previously unloaded chunks.
-- These dungeons can be extremely difficult and can be any size from 1 room to 5x bigger than a stronghold.
Size Example:
[Image: XboWbur.jpg]

- Torches held in a players' hand is now accepted serverside as a legitimate light source. [No OptiFine needed]
- Seasonal weather should no longer affect players if indoors or underground.
- Tamed Wolves [Now Called Dogs] now have levels and are more useful.
- Tamed animals will now teleport to the player if chunk is unloaded.
- Chickens can now be sheared for feathers
- Added Ore Crops
- Silk Touching spawners now only yields a 30% success rate, due to the large amount found in dungeons.

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