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State of Matecraft #9 | The Nexus & Aether
Hey all!
It's that time again, where I bring you a bunch of updates that don't really belong anywhere else!

Nexus has by far received the most updates.
As announced earlier this week in Discord, the Arcade and Nexus have become one server.
Just to recap, Nexus is now composed of two parts;
- The Nexus Hub
-- Portal Hub
-- Member+ Quiz
-- Information Area
- The Nexus Arcade
-- Arcade Lobby
-- All Minigame Worlds
If you leave the server while in the Nexus Arcade Lobby or any other Minigame Map, when you rejoin Nexus you will spawn in the Nexus Arcade Lobby.
If you leave the server while in any Nexus Hub world, you will respawn in the Portal Hub like normal. As a secondary note, the Member+ Quiz will no longer save your progress if you switch servers. This is mentioned at the beginning of the Quiz.
You can get back to the Portal Hub at any time via /spawn

As well as the merger, we've also added a bunch of content to the Arcade!
- BedWars has expanded to include;
-- 14 Maps for Solo/Doubles Modes
-- 12 Maps for 3v3v3v3/4v4v4v4 Modes
- TNT Tag has expanded to include 11 Maps
- Block Party is now Open
- Impostor is now Open | 2 Maps - Polus & Skeld
- TNT Run is now Open | 2 Maps - Arena & Canyon
SuperSmashMates Remains Temporarily Closed & Survival Games is Coming Soon!

The Aether Hub has been retired in favour of direct connections as the plans for it have unfortunately fallen through.
aether.matecraft.org will now connect players to SkyBlock & any [aethermode].matecraft.org IP will work as normal.

/nav has been updated to reflect all Aether, Arcade & Nexus changes.
[Image: LXiIKgR.png]

That's it for now, hope you like the changes and as always,
Happy Matecrafting!

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