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State of Matecraft #8 | The New Player Experience
Hey all!
It's that time again, where I bring you a bunch of updates that don't really belong anywhere else!
Let's get straight into it!

Nexus / Aether Hub
Not much on this one.
The Hotbar items on Nexus & Aether Hub will no longer glitch in/out when you first join & the item cooldown has reduced to 3 seconds from 5.

Elite Survival
Alrighty, here's where the bulk of it begins.
First & foremost, we've done a ton of work to try & reduce the connection & framerate lag people have been experiencing when joining Elite Survival.
While it's not all gone, we've eliminated a huge portion of it.

Secondly, one of, not just Elite Survival's, but Matecraft's largest downfalls was the new-player experience.
I'm sure many of you [especially staff] have witnessed players asking the same questions over & over.
The Elite Survival spawn has been reworked to include better, clearer, information & locational pointers, as well as some quick access items such as clickable signs that reveal an updated warps menu.
[Image: ouJmxka.jpg]
The crates are now located down the ladders and groundwork has been laid out for better crate rewards, as well as new crates.
The PvP Arena has also had some work done to make it easier to get into, as well as to try and mitigate early combat leavers. [Chickens in other words Wink]

Hooo boy. This list of changes is gonna be a doozy.
First and foremost, spawn has had a major overhaul.
Take a look at the new first thing you'll see at /spawn;
[Image: Tzm99mS.jpg]
As you can see, the hologram text has been updated to match ES', as well as the new layout of the world portals;
On the left - the 3 plot worlds, on the right - the 3 freebuilds, and if you turn to the far right - the new locations of the WorldShapers and Designers portals.
You'll also notice the 3 Event World NPCs have been repositioned to between the portals themselves.

Second change, the hotbar.
Nexus has leaked into Creative and given you some nifty tools.
The Compass, Name Tag, Emerald and Ender Chest all function the same as Nexus. [Being Navigation, Tags, Store and Donator Gadgets respectively]
The three new items are the Enchanted Book, Diamond Pickaxe & Enchanting Table;
- The Enchanted Book is a Quick Warp to a brand new area we call "Builder Information".
This area includes info about loads of perks you get with every tier of Builder, all separated into their own little spots;
[Image: KgBRPT1.jpg]
This area is still being built but we'd love to hear what you think! Maybe you'll even spot something you didn't know you had!

- The second new item in your hotbar, the Diamond Pickaxe, is a Quick Warp to the Builder Examples area, which has been in /warps for some time.
- The third item, the Enchanting Table, simply brings up all available warps in Creative, the menu itself has also been redesigned. Check it out!
These items will remain in your hotbar in Spawn, the Builder Examples & Builder Information worlds, then when you go to a world you can build in, your regular inventory gets restored.

The last new addition to Creative is /map submit
You can use this command to submit a map for ANY of the Arcade modes!
It will be reviewed as soon as possible, & if anything needs changed/reworked we'll let you know!

AcidIsland is back!
AcidIsland has once again re-opened, featuring the carried over Minion Trader & Shop reworks from SkyBlock, including the Butcher & ability to /sell from your hand / inventory.
There are a few known issues, such as initial island creation taking a while & mob counts being high, but other than that it should be smooth sailing! [Just don't touch that water Wink]

With the launch of AcidIsland, we're revealing a new release roadmap for the rest of the Aether servers.
It makes no sense to release SkyGrid, CaveBlock & OneBlock before Mojang drops the 1.17 update.
As that update introduces a LOT of new blocks & mechanics, the 3 modes would have to reset to accommodate them properly due to world generations, whereas with SkyBlock & AcidIsland these items can simply be added to shops.
Due to this they've been postponed until the update drops.

Arcade has gotten some love!
Introducing Parkour! You'll find a new NPC in the Arcade Lobby [that kinda looks like R3dWolfie] which will bring you straight to the Basic Parkour Lobby [with an option to go Advanced if you're feeling risky];
[Image: gazDek0.png]
This mode is fully featured & accepting map submissions. Be sure to read up on what different blocks do! There's some really nifty ones in there.

Second thing for Arcade, the Quick Warps for SSM & Bombermate will now change to a Quick Warp back to spawn whenever you're already at one of those modes.
This will happen if you use the Quick Warp, or via the Portal or Launch Plates, neat right? This will also happen when using the Quick Warps on Creative.

That's it for now, hope you like the changes and as always,
Happy Matecrafting!

Elite Survival & Creative Spawn Rework - Sequacious
Creative WorldShaper & Designer Portals - Ryanswizzy
Creative Builder Information Area - Sansy0703 & Mixter213
Arcade Parkour - R3dWolfie with Map Contributions & Testing by Viol3tWolf, OkayLan, Ryanswizzy, 69OzCanOfBepis & ash12181987

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