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UnicornLillieBBX | Passed
Hi its me again,
minecraft name: UnicornLillieBBX
ban reason: Hacked Client
ban is: temp
Hi, so i am really sorry for hacking and i am truly seeking the forgiveness,
i was wrong by trying to hack in your server and it wont happen again.
i hope you will unban me and have a nice day.

about my last ban appeal: i am a childish person and i should have taken it more seiously i am soo sorry.

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Your appeal is under review.
Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.
Your appeal has passed and you have been unbanned.
Thank you for taking the time to appeal and welcome back to Matecraft!
Please read and adhere to the /rules from this point on as any further breaking of them will result in another ban.
This thread will now be closed.

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