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State of Matecraft #5 | 1.16 & Quality of Life
Hey all!
Been a while since the last one so thought I'd bring you all up to speed on the latest.
We get asked a lot of things and while we give answers, we don't always explain them the best.

The upgrade to 1.16 has been a rocky road to say the least.
Nexus, Elite Survival & Creative are all currently running on Minecraft 1.16.1, on a software called PaperSpigot.
PaperSpigot, while being based on the very popular software Spigot [which took over from Bukkit], is a different beast entirely.
It offers countless improvements over Spigot and Minecraft, however with these changes come risks.
We jumped the gun in upgrading to 1.16 and as many of you have seen, some players had issues connecting to servers for various reasons and ES' Nether was closed due to bugged generation. These have all been reported to the correct people but unfortunately it's a waiting game for the fixes to come out and it's not something we have the power to fix ourselves, nor can we downgrade to 1.15.
Unfortunately with Mojang announcing 1.16.2 to release sometime in the near future that also means more work for those devs and for us, it also means a slowdown in development altogether as everyone is waiting to see what Mojang will fix so they don't have to do it themselves, which is entirely fair.

What's Next:
Once the relevant fixes have come out and we can consider our servers once again stable a lot of things can be set in motion, namely;
- Elite Survival
-- Reopen Elite Survival Nether
-- Restart the Vanquisher Challenge
- Creative
-- Open the Nether FreeBuild
- Aether
-- Full 1.16 Update
-- Nether Reset for;
--- SkyGrid
--- CaveBlock
--- SkyBlock [Maybe]*
--- AcidIsland [Maybe]*
---- *These modes run off schematics so unless those schematics are rebuilt from the ground up, resetting them won't change a thing.*
-- Add 1.15 & 1.16 Items to Shops
-- Correct Villager Trading
- Minigames
-- Full 1.16 Updates
-- Arcade Opening
- Enchanted
-- 1.16 Testing

In the Meantime;
In the meantime a lot is going on behind the scenes, mostly quality of life improvements but I'm going to list it all here in case you missed it;
Nameplates have received an overhaul;
- Donators of ALL tiers now have their tag after their name over their head
[Image: Ne5jMIy.png]
- Staff members' nameplate prefix now alternates between their role and "|Staff|"
[Image: lF2sYLo.png]
Runecraft Ranks
Runecraft Ranks have had their tags changed to better support chat on multiple versions, as well as add a sense of cohesion between the ranks.
[Image: KZmmtlf.png]
- Redesigned Menu
[Image: rxiALCV.png]
- Converted 'Devotee' into the Devoted Set with more rewards
[Image: QYlFoQg.png]
Server Navigation
- Enchantment Glow & modified description on the server you're currently on
[Image: 9Sg2D0A.png]
- Edited message sent to Player on Click
Matecraft In-Game Store
- Better Links - [No more /category/8008135/]
- Added Tags - https://store.matecraft.org/category/tags
- Removed SkyBlock - Zen Islands Category
- Corrected name and desc for Aether Flight
- Corrected name for Elite Survival Category and Elite Survival Flight package
- Updated In-Game /donate Menu Icons

[Image: I2GsUGV.png]
- New GUI which displays timer until next vote
[Image: dqk9kqW.png]
- Voting on all sites grants Builder Tier 1 perks on Creative, minus the tags, for 24 hours
- Bombermate
-- Recolored Large Banner Signs
-- Modified Platform Coloring
-- NPC Added
- SuperSmashMates
-- Redesigned & Recolored Large Banner Signs
-- Modified Platform Coloring
-- Slight NPC Placement Corrections
- Arcade
-- Lobby Platform changed from MateQuake to Arcade
--- Recolor
--- Towers Added
--- Signs Corrected

As a few last things before I wrap this up, some of you may be aware some of you are not.
- The Builder system in Creative is going under the hammer [pardon the pun], bring broken down and rebuilt.
You will NOT lose any ranks currently earned or perks contained within them. You WILL have to adhere to the new criteria in order to progress further.
We'll share more on this as time goes on but it's in very early stages and not ready to be revealed just yet. 
Just keep an eye out for a few new tags showing up here and there. Might wanna check that Builder System thread out too...

We currently have a promotion going where if you run '/redeem PiglinPal' on Nexus you get your own Piglin pet to keep so be sure to check that out!
[Image: OL9O7wc.png]
You can also nab yourself a fluffy Sheep with '/redeem FeelingSheepish', and heck, you made it this far do why not give '/redeem GoingBatty' a try too!

That's it from me for now.
I know this was a long one but hopefully you learned something you didn't know before, we'll be quiet from an announcement side of things until we can get 1.16 up and running for everyone but we'll be sure to share anything that's worth sharing along the way!

Until next time, Happy Matecrafting!
Update didn't break anything on Classic! Woot!

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