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Doctor699 | Rejected
Hi, so i don't know for certain if i have been banned on the minecraft server. I do know for certain i am banned on matecraft discord. Reasons for which are well unknown to myself. Still i find myself most let down in myself. For some things, i should have known better.

When connecting to the server i get to the encryption phase and then time out, without any reason or description. So i can only assume i've been banned. Behind my back so to speak.

Title: Doctor699
Ban Reason: Unknown
Temp or Perm? Unknown
Why You Should Be Unbanned: I've put years into this server, built much and really without a hitch. Like anyone i try to follow the rules, and message others in private when i want to talk privately between us. I suppose in a private message i went one joke too many, as it's all monitored and logged anyway. I'd like to think i can contribute to this server and community and be a small but content part of it. Also to just grow up and keep some things to myself, even if i'm in a private conversation. Please give me your reasons, and if i'm wasting your time i will gracefully be on my way.
I suspect that enough things have happened in backrooms since this got posted that you now have a fairly good idea of why exactly it is you are banned.

The DMs you sent in-game to underaged players are simply not admissible. You were warned about this behavior multiple times, and got downright hostile towards Calvin over it.

[Image: Jno937O.png]

Note how you don't even dispute that it's not appropriate, and instead complain about staff screening in-game DMs - which we do to protect underage users from behavior like this.

This is but one snippet of it. Like you said, we have the full chat logs.

 I won't even entertain the notion of reviewing your appeal. The users you've DM'ed were warned about what you're doing and why you're banned, and I hope only that they'll have enough common sense to stop messaging you. Had I noticed that these messages were being sent any earlier, you would not have received even a single warning over it. I have no tolerance for this type of behavior, and staff have been notified that this is our server's policy moving forward.

If anything, you should be thankful that it is so hard to report this to actual authorities.

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