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Inviseble Entities and burning on grass next to lava
So I and a few friends play on classic, i was gonna go and get a horse i traped resently, but on the way there I heard a ghast. I did not think so much of it at first, but i got the feeling i should not be there. So i tamed up the horse really fast and was on my way to base again when i was attacked by an invisable Entity I could not hear it or see it, but it was hitting me fast and dealing quite the damage. At 1 and a half heart i left due to fear of losing my stuff. and whent to do reaserch but could not find anything to give it an logical explanation. After that i re joined the server, found the horse intact so i continued to bring back the horse to base. I was almost there when i ran past a pond of lava and started burning.... I was next to it not on it... What is going on? please help
Hi Snowblade,
The invisible entity sounds like a glitched Infernal Mob which is due to be fixed next patch.
The lava catching you on fire seems to just be a hitbox issue within Minecraft itself and not something we can fix serverside. I'll continue to watch it and let you know if there's any solutions.

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