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Merch no Longer Available
Hello everyone,

We have decided to close the limited merch run a bit earlier than originally planned because we just received the merch ourselves and have realized that teespring seems to be experiencing some sort of issue fulfilling the orders.

In regards to the hoodies, they are mostly fine, even though we're not quite as happy with the quality of the print as we could be, it still is a good quality hoodie, as expected, and something I'd be relatively happy to promote.

However, teespring seems to have completely messed up the t-shirts. The print is actually really good, and the material is fine, but the colors do not match the solid black and solid white colors we ordered.

I believe that ultimately I bought most of the t-shirts, and I am at this time considering asking for a refund for the t-shirts to teespring. If you ordered these (I believe only one other person did), and are unsatisfied with the what you got, I encourage you to do the same and ask teespring for a refund.

Should they ultimately refuse to refund you, send me a direct message on Discord with evidence that they did so and I will refund you myself.

We did not seek to do this for profit - each sale gave us a profit of about 40 cents before taxes I believe, which was about as cheap as we could make them - but I will not stand by promoting the sale of something that could be considered false advertising.

We hope that you were not negatively impacted by this.


- MagmaGuy


We've verified that only Sequacious and me have purchased t-shirts. As such, this shouldn't really affect any users.

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