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Matecraft Staff Team
Hey all, thought I'd make a post outlining the current structure of the Matecraft staff team, mostly for clarification purposes but also just in case anyone was generally interested.

Expert - Experts are Moderators in training. They essentially have all of the same moderation tools; mutes, kicks, bans e.t.c but the main difference is that Experts are not fully trained in the use of these tools, & are only promoted to Moderator once they are proficient with them.

Moderator - Mods manage the player base of Matecraft. They keep the server a nice place for all players & aim to stamp out any wrongdoings or misbehaviour. They have full control over bans, kicks & mutes, as well as a few other moderation tools at their disposal.

SuperMod - Super-Moderators restore order & 'clean up the mess' after a Moderator has taken care of the main issue. i.e grief rollbacks. They also have a few more powerful tools in their arsenal in order for them to further assist Admins & OPs in other, more Administrative, tasks.

Admin - Administrators manage the staff of Matecraft, as well as performing the same duties as SuperMods, & Mods before them. They also have full file access to the back-end of the server, enabling them to find and stamp out server bugs should they need to. Admins also have access to all permissions on the servers in order to do their duties in the most efficient manner possible.

OP - OPs [or Operators] are essentially Co-Owners of Matecraft. More often than not, they own, or at least manage, part[s] of the server network. Be it the website, a server itself or even the IRC chat.

IT - The IT team deals will everything in the Matecraft back-end. Including server files, the website, database management, the Discord server, the social medias, server updates, bug-fixes, the IRC chat & even the Reddit.

PR - The Public Relations team manage everything that involves interacting with the players such as server events, polls, player feedback, support & suggestions, content patch ideas, quality of life improvements and much more.

Architect - The Architects manage everything related to building. Server spawns, necessary buildings, build aesthetics, even the Creative plot paths. Everything official you see built on Matecraft has either been built by an Architect, or managed/overseen by an Architect.

IT Team Clarification:
There seems to be slight confusion about who does what in regards to IT, both on the server and in the Discord. Hopefully this will clear come of that up;
Sequacious - Primary maintainer of all Matecraft Minecraft servers. Performs most server creation, updates, content patches, bug fixes & maintenance on both the servers and the back-end. Also fixes many issues with the website.
sdk345 - Created the Discord <->IRC bridge, as well as many back-end systems currently in place to improve staff efficiency. Makes small, quality of life, plugins for the Minecraft servers & creates Discord bots. Mostly manages the website back-end & also performs bug fixes on the servers when needed.
kalmon001 - Fixes/diagnoses issues with most problems related to network issues, such as ports & firewalls. Also monitors hardware usage of the servers.
clarjon1 - Manages and maintains the Matecraft IRC server.
magmaguy - Creates plugins for the Minecraft servers, primarily EliteMobs & all updates related to it.

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