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State of Matecraft #4 | Aether Merge, /nav & Minigames
Hello all!
Welcome to the series of updates I will be posting as time goes on, bringing the community up-to-speed with the goings on of the network.
It's been a while since my last update and not much has happened since the 7th Anniversary Events, but there are a few things we can bring you up to speed on!

- Aether - As many of you know, all Aether modes have been combined into a single server with shared inventories. OneBlock has also been added so give it a go!
The Oracle shop has also reopened and more stock is being added as time goes on.
- There is currently an issue with spawners not spawning mobs as they should, it's being looked into.

- /nav Updates - I've made some updates to the server navigation menu to make it easier to get to the modes you want. Keep an eye on it as there'll be more updates coming.
Changes Include;
-- All Survival based modes moved to top half
-- Moved Minigames to main menu
-- Merged SkyBlock, SkyGrid, AcidIsland & CaveBlock into one Aether icon.
-- Changed MateQuake item to Firework

Which leads neatly on to my next point;
- MateQuake - Minigames on the server have been quite well received, although of the 3, Quake was lacking in a few key areas;
-- Unfair advantage to older players vs new
-- Server was stuck on 1.12 so maps were difficult to design
-- Of the 3 minigames, MateQuake was the least exclusive to Matecraft

So with this information, MateQuake is in the process of being reborn as Arcade!
Arcade currently has 8 gamemodes, all running natively in 1.15.2, with 4 more planned before it re-opens some time in the near future.
Currently Running;
- Quake
- Temple Run
- Prop Hunt
- TNT Tag
- Bomb Lobbers
- Mini Walls
- Splegg
- Party Games
Being Worked On;
- The Towers
- Village Defence
- Murder Mystery
- Build Battle
We've done some play testing on these modes and all are super fun! We hope you'll have as much fun playing as we did testing!

Until next time, Happy Matecrafting!

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