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Bombermate | Items & Pickups
If you've ever played Bombermate before, you've probably noticed the items that spawn when you blow up blocks. 
These items can be helpful, or detrimental to your game. 
In this post, I'll be going over all the items currently in Bombermate, what they do, and how to use them.

The amount of TNT in your inventory will decide how many active bombs you can place at once.

Blaze Powder
Blaze powder will increase the blast radius of your bombs. 
This will blow players up and break blocks from farther away.

Helmets allow you to detonate your bombs. Gold helmets will give you 8 seconds to detonate before automatically blowing up. 
Diamond helmets will give you 13 seconds and make your bombs invisible before blowing up.

A chestplate will let you live after being blown up, but you lose all your items. 
Diamond chestplates will give five seconds of invincibility after you get blown up, which is helpful if you happen to be standing in lava.

Gold leggings will make you run fast. Diamond leggings will make you run even faster.

Golden boots will allow you to kick bombs away. 
There's a chance that the bomb will stick to your opponent if you have diamond boots.

Skulls will give you a random effect. Most of the time, skulls will bring you negative effects. 
They can make you nauseous, take all your items, light you on fire, or, if you're lucky, give you a full set of diamond armour.

Nether Stars
Nether stars are also known as godly bombs and have many different varieties. They will automatically be applied to your bombs. Godly bombs are:

Bomb Types:
• Magma Bombs - Magma bombs will place lava along your bomb's blast radius. This lava can harm you and others, so watch out.

• Thunder Bombs - Upon blowing up, your bombs will place multiple, lower powered bombs around it and summon lightning. Thunder bombs can hurt you and others.

• Fire Bombs - These bombs will set fire along the blast radius of your bomb. After the bomb has blown up, the fire will stay until it extinguishes itself. The fire can only cause damage to other players.

• Gravity Bombs - Gravity bombs will spawn a piece of black carpet where it explodes. Everything, except items, will be sucked into the black hole. If a player ends up getting sucked into the black hole, their game will be over.

• Smart Bombs - Smart bombs will find the closest player within its blast radius and follow them.

• Charge Bombs - Charge bombs allow you to make a bigger explosion by holding shift before placing the bomb. Be careful with these bombs; when one blows up, multiple, lower powered bombs will be spread around.

• Ice Bombs - Ice bombs give you the ability to freeze your opponents. Packed ice will be place along your bomb's blast radius. If a player gets trapped in the ice, they will be stuck there for a few seconds. You can also freeze yourself with ice bombs.

• Earthquake Bombs - Earthquake bombs will shake the ground under the blast radius when they explode. All blocks and players standing in its way will be destroyed.

• Line Bombs - Double tap shift to place a line of bombs. The more bombs you have; the longer the line will be.

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