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Community | 7th Anniversary Events
Hello everyone.  

As you all know, we have been building up to the 7th Anniversary of Matecraft. This coming week we have some special events planned to celebrate, we also have not one but three big events planned.

The majority of the events will be hosted by Forrrr & CaptainKitty and these are due to happen between 6 PM GMT to 10 PM GMT. 
So that we are crystal clear on what the structure of the week is going to be and what events are happening on each day, I have created a timetable which you can find below.

If you do have any questions regarding the upcoming events, could you please direct them to Forrrr or CaptainKitty, If you could please get as many screenshots as you can of the events during the week and post them in the  #Media channel in discord that would be much appreciated.


[Image: Odd3zcR.png]

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