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Gameplay Tweaks
[Image: 2013-01-03_18.38.26.png]

The following are some miscellaneous gameplay tweaks on Enchanted;

- No permanent flames near diamond level (there’s not enough air!). 
Players will have to get creative with their lighting, for example using dimmer redstone torches (spooky!), moving lava around with buckets (dangerous!), using glowstone (expensive!), or lighting temporary flint/steel fires (risky!). 
This also discourages players from dumping water on all the lava, since it can be a valuable source of light, holding monsters at bay.

- Campfires left out in the rain will burn out and will need to be manually re-lit.

- Sparks a fire when mining netherrack. 
The careless player will put out the fire by hand, which will set them on fire. 
This results in it being tougher to dig tunnels in the nether and avoid all dangers by doing so.

- Environmental damage like falling, explosions, and suffocation reduces health more, and often applies temporary effects like slowing, blindness, or dizziness.

- Putting out a fire up close (by hitting it or trying to smother it with a block) will catch the player on fire. 
The best approach is to dump water or destroy the block beneath it.

- Skeletons have special abilities like shooting knockback, blindness and fire arrows. 
They can also spawn silverfish to make it harder for the player to reach them.

- Blazes will spawn in the nether naturally and near bedrock in the Overworld. 
Blazes in the overworld are unstable and will explode on death and cause cave-ins.

- Ghasts: Turn those white balloons into fearsome enemies by greatly increasing the amount of arrows it takes to kill them. 
Good loot encourage players to still pursue them.

- Enderman are easy you think? Sitting behind your wall or 2 high roof? No longer! 
With their teleportation powers they can teleport you too. Now you better not mess with these guys…

- Animal Crowd Control - Placing animals into small spaces will cause the animals to get claustrophobic this can be indicated by a villager angry effect showing above their heads. 
Eventually this causes the animals to slowly drive them insane leading to death.

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