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Sarkness666 | Revoked

I guess it is nowadays time to do my first Helper application in Matecraft!

- Why I'd like to be staff: The reason I would like to be staff is purely simple : Helping players. It has been something that I loved to do since a while. As a pacifist by nature, It's pretty much important for me than new players who join to feel welcomed and to receive help at any time.
As I was moderator of servers before [TF2/Minecraft/Gmod], It feels pretty much natural to me to help people so they see that the server is pretty much welcoming.

- My Current Playtime: The current Playtime at the time of writing this application is : 5 Days, 1 Hour and 10 minutes across all servers.

- Tags I've Currently Earned: Current tags I've currently earned : Verified | AlphaTester | BetaTester.

I hope you will like it, and I'll be glad to help you guys soon!


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