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Helper Application | How To
Welcome to the Matecraft Helper Application thread!
This is your first step to becoming staff.

First thing, there are some requirements for becoming a Matecraft Helper;
- Must be Member+ on the network
- Have at least 3 days [72 Hours] playtime [/check or /playtime]
- Have verified your account on Discord [/discordlink]
- Have a Forum account
- Have a Discord Account
If you meet these requirements then great! 

On to the next step, please post a new thread in this sub-forum with;
Title: Your Minecraft Username
- Why I'd like to be staff: A short summary of why you'd like to be staff.
- My Current Playtime: Use /check or /playtime and tell us how long you've played.
- Tags I've Currently Earned: Use /tags and list them all here. [Do NOT include paid tags]
- Discord Username: 

After a certain amount of time of being Helper, each person will be reviewed on their performance and a decision will be made to offer further roles within staff.
Upon receiving this offer a person is well within their right to decide if they would like to progress within staff, stay as a Helper or even resign their role should they choose too.

Helpers are expected to help players to the best of their ability. Be this via answering questions or other means.
Upon becoming a Helper you will gain access to the Helper Chats both on the server and in Discord. This is used for asking other staff members questions or reporting bugs.
We aim to not have more than 3-5 Helpers at any one time, if you make a post after we have filled the positions, it will be included in review when spots are once again open.

Thanks for your interest in joining our staff team and we hope to see you soon!
Happy Matecrafting!

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