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State of Matecraft #3 | Helpers, Competitions & Merch
Hello all!
Welcome to the series of updates I will be posting as time goes on, bringing the community up-to-speed with the goings on of the network.

Let's start off with a few known issues that staff are working on;
- SkyGrid likes to crash when new players make a grid - This has been reported to the developer responsible for the SkyGrid plugin and it is being worked on
- All servers have been crashing quite a bit recently - This was due to a botched update and should be fixed right now!

Now let's move on to some things that have happened, that you may or may not have noticed over the past week;
- Server Command Handling - I've spent quite a lot of time optimising the command handling network wide so that there's as little strain as possible on each server. You may notice your commands are ever so slightly quicker! You may also notice that /hub, /lobby & /playtime among other commonly used commands on other servers now actually serve a function within ours!
- Staff - You might've seen that there have been quite a lot of recruitment and promotions the past while. This is primarily to ensure there can always be staff on with tools they need to keep the server enjoyable for the Community, but it also leads onto my next point;
- Helpers - If you're a long time player of Matecraft you may remember the Helper system. This system allowed players to actively apply for staff and work their way through the ranks, and ultimately decide if it was right for them as well. The Helper system is indeed returning, and very soon so keep your eyes open!

Lastly, let's look at Matecraft's 7th Birthday coming up on the 20th!
- Competition - MagmaGuy has launched a Trailer Competition on Discord for a huge amount of Matecraft Store credit & a 1 time earnable in game prefix just for taking part!
Rules are as follows;
Announcing a blast from the past! To celebrate 7 years of Matecraft, we are asking you to make a video trailer featuring whatever it is that you like about Matecraft!
 1st place: $60 store credit
 2nd place: $30 store credit
 3rd place: $10 store credit
Everyone who participates gets a free red play button tag!
[Image: mQj5FCF.png]
To participate, make a video under 3 minutes featuring what you like in Matecraft, then upload it to YouTube, post it in #media on Discord so we can see it! Group submissions are allowed, but rewards will be shared.
The entries will close on the 20th, the day of the anniversary!

- Merchandise - For the second time ever we're selling Matecraft t-shirts and hoodies to celebrate 7 years of Matecraft! These will one be available until mid-May so get them while they're here!
 Black Outline Logo | White Tee - https://teespring.com/en/matecraft-black...cid=103521
 Color Logo | Black Tee - https://teespring.com/en/matecraft-colou...cid=103527
 White Outline Logo | Black, Grey or Navy Hoodie - https://teespring.com/en/matecraft-white...cid=103888

One last thing that might interest you is that Vertanzil and Forrrr have initial results back from the survey they posted a few days ago.
Results Here: https://www.matecraft.org/showthread.php?tid=1410
Original Survey: https://www.matecraft.org/showthread.php?tid=1400

Until next time, Happy Matecrafting!

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