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254352735 | Closed
IGN: 254352735
Ban reason: Griefing
Ban Duration: Permanent
Banned By: Sequacious
I was not harming any manmade buildings; All I did was dig a hole and make a little structure inside it. I have literally no idea how this could ever be interpreted as griefing but here I am, writing this appeal. I would very much love to be able to have fun on this server again, and I hope the best for the continuation of this server.
I'm afraid your account was caught red-handed breaking every build it came across.
Approx 306 chunks of damaged structures were rolled back.

Was anyone able to access your PC and/or account?
Because block break logs and being seen by staff doing this isn't really disputable.
You have not replied to this thread in over 2 months and as such the appeal will now be closed.

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