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Bloody_Sinx | Rejected
Username: Bloody_Sinx
Ban Time: 1 Day, 5 Hours
Ban Reason: Apparently i was being "disrespectful" yeah i dont see it either.

So I will say the situation, I said sam was rich, he thought otherwise. Sam said he got the money from family members dying. i sad "oh so you murdered them" (obvs as a joke) and he said it was offensive and he started to insult me and call me a pshyco and i was like "but i did not do anything" and i kept saying that and the mods- oh the mods the did nothing about it, i was being bullied and i get a ban for it- 

so now that you have the info i expect to be unbanned
Your ban appeal has been rejected due to staff vote and has been extended to permanent due to your conduct on Discord.

This thread will now be closed.

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