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Community | Poll Results & Video Trailer Contest
Hello everyone.
I wanted to give you a bit of a follow up on the last behind the scenes post that I made and a few other things that are currently happening.
In the last post I asked you our community some questions about what you would like to see next.
I am happy to say that you voted and some of the results you made it quite loud and clear what you wanted.
The first poll was regarding adding vote reminders to remind you when in game to vote for the server, this passed with a whopping 78% of people in favour of this and is something that we will be looking to implement shortly.
Also, the Refer a friend scheme & redeemable limited rewards passed and is something that everyone seems really interested to get on board with and get implemented.
As for the other things that you voted for the leader boards for top voters, x number of votes and having a drop party, tags for voters are all things to be looked into to see if they are going to be viable.
Leading up to the 7-year celebrations we are going to be holding a special content for all of you budding video editors.
We are wanting everyone who is taking part to create a video trailer for the server, showing of the various aspects of the server (you can even feature your own builds and friends in the video as well)
The first prize will be $60 store credit, $30 store credit for second place and $10 for third place.
Everyone who participates gets a free red play button tag! To participate, make a video under 3 minutes featuring what you like in Matecraft, then upload it to YouTube, post it in #?general and tag  @MagmaGuy so we can see it! Group submissions are allowed, but rewards will be shared. The entries will close on the 20th, the day of the anniversary!
We are also looking for your opinion on the server and what you think, we have been working hard to get this set up. We are looking for people to give us their feedback this will only take a few minutes of your time, all of the data is anonymous and is completely optional.

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