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SkyGrid Redux | Now Open
Over the past few months SkyGrid has undoubtedly been the weakest of our Aether suite of servers.
With constant crashing, poor Nether & End Grid support, small player protections and a collection of other issues.
Well that simply wasn't good enough.

SkyGrid Redux is now open!
Notable Changes;
- Brand new Spawn [Courtesy of Mixter213]
- Default Protection Size of 600x600 for each Player
- Players are now placed 1200 blocks apart in the grid
- Chests now have a proper random loot table
- Nether & End grids are now fully functional
- Up to 8 players can team up in one persons Grid
Unfortunately for all of this to work we have had to reset the old Grid, however we think you'll really enjoy the changes made and hope that you'll continue to enjoy the mode!
If you do have any issues, please post them on the forums at https://www.matecraft.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=29 or in #support on Discord
[Image: m1Eym9D.png]
Happy Matecrafting!

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