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Skill and Inventory Issues after Survival crash last night
Hello!  I'm not sure as this is the best place for this as these forums don't seem to have a lot of action, but, I'm old school and I figure having a full account of what I've experienced might be helpful to anyone trying to troubleshoot things!  I'm not overly concerned about anything I've lost - neither the 'loot' portion or the game mechanic portion - although some of those little bonuses were really starting to stack up nicely! =D  But if these are things that are easy to fix I'd certainly take that option!  Otherwise I mostly landed on playing here because my kids are getting very interested in Minecraft (well, 'again' for the older one and for the first time for the middle one :-p ) and as someone who hasn't played in some time and even then, was playing intensely packaged minecraft modkits in very non-vanilla experiences I figured I should brush up on the game a bit, and being someone who loved mods playing solo vanilla was just getting a bit too boring.  Plus it might be nice to play with the kids on a server at some point instead of just locally, so, sort of scouting the place out =D

In any case, this whole pre-amble is basically to say I'm not really looking to be a bother or complain or anything - I'm perhaps being overly sensitive because these forums are not really used much from the looks of it and I wouldn't want anyone to think that the new guy is over posting wall-of-text complaints about his lost stuff!  If the info is useful, great, if I can be fixed great, if not, whatevs - mostly just thinking a description of what happened might be useful for troubleshooting at some point.  Plus, if I'm being honest, I have a terribly bad habit of bordering on being obnoxiously verbose in forum posts, so, in all reality there is more of the same coming up.

I was one of a small handful of people on Survival Elite last night when it crashed out hard.  I know one of the other folks was 'Kitty' who I believe had a 'Mod' title, so I may be repeating info ya'll already have - but - I hadn't really experienced anything strange at all.  It was late, kids were in bed and I couldn't sleep so I was doing a long hardcore mining run so as opposed to normally going AFK ever 5-10 minutes for random intervals I was bashing blocks pretty consistently for a few hours.  Kitty mentioned that they had been having some strange inventory issues, I think specifically when changing servers or using warps, but I'm not 100% sure.

I had returned to my base and deposited a bunch of items in some chests, I was in the process of cooking up my iron and gold ore (I was mainly after gold, my base placement really begs for a lot of minecart usage and I need those sweet golden rails!).  I had already started to become aware that one of my skills was occasionally generating extra ingots, and I was watching the furnaces closely as I was attempting to determine how many times I was generating extra.  Just as a bit of ore was finished, on the very moment that an ingot (or more) would have generated, the server died.

I logged in later on today and I was rolled back tremendously far, based on the resources in my bags and where I seemed to be I was somewhere near the very beginning of my resource run, so a solid 90m-2h back maybe?  I don't have a good sense of the time, but I had half a stack of iron ore where I ended the run with almost 3 stacks - and all the gold I found was later on the run and I had none of that.  I've played on a decent chunk of servers and its easily the biggest roll back I've ever experienced.... though again, a lot of these were servers running extremely heavy modpacks so they all had mods running that ran global saves pretty often, so my experience with rollbacks may be a bit skewed in that regard?  In any case, when I got back to my base I realized my chests and furnaces where about where they were when the server had crashed!  

So this has resulted in two things; I've basically got a few duped items - and seeing as some of them are diamonds I don't really feel super good about hanging on to them.  However, because I had pulled a bunch of iron, and all the gold, out of the furnaces in the middle of it being processed I had ALL that in my inventory when the server crashed and it is now gone =D  

Honestly, if it wasn't for being mildly grumpy at myself for specifically losing all the gold, and also feeling a bit bad about getting duped diamonds I probably would have just said screw it to the whole thing.  In fact, there was someone with an 'OP' tag online when I popped on and had this first inventory realization, and as I said earlier - I don't really want to be a bother and when I made a remark about my basic observations of the rollback the fellow with the OP didn't seem super concerned... and frankly, I thought to myself I better go relax doing something else and decide whether I really wanted to be 'that n00b' making some volunteer staff member sort out a mixed up inventory just because I was really missing the frankly pitiful amount of gold I managed to pick up =D

When I logged back in there wasn't any staff around and by that point I'd resolved to just play through the rollback and process the little bit of extra iron ore I'd ended up with to make up some of the difference, throw all the extra coal, redstone, lapis, few diamonds and whatever else in a chest, curse all the thousands of times playing Minecraft I've had more gold then I knew what to do with and when I spotted that one Kitty person again, since they already knew a bit of the story and whatnot, I'd see what I could sort out with them and maybe figure out turning in the dupe chest for some gold ingot credits or something =D

So I tossed the iron in a furnace and suddenly I'm learning two new skills.  That doesn't seem right.  I let it roll and I get my 1st level in Mining and Repair.  Well that's definitely not right!  It seems all my skills reset to zero!  At this point, since there was no staff on, I've just logged off, I don't want to mess with my character too much if there is anything that can be done to fix me.

Again, if not or if its a big drawn out process to do it don't even worry about it, its really not that big of a deal - although, if you have a few gold ingots to throw my way I certainly won't complain!  I'm not super worried about the skills either, so if I don't hear back on this post or run into a staff member the next time I log in I'll probably just play through anyways - I can throw the duped items in a chest and PM the coords to someone or throw 'em in lava if it doesn't matter either way.... or maybe just keep them =D  An extra 5 on top of my whopping 18 diamonds so far when I think I've seen diamonds on the voting rewards list anyways may not quite bend my moral compass far enough to matter, we'll see =D

Apologies for the wall of text.... I am just not very good at being succinct =D
Ello, no need to worry about anything. This will be looked into and be resolved asap!
I looked into it, MCMMO seems mostly restored at this point and I'm unsure that we'll be able to restore it further than this. The reason the server crashed was due to us running out of storage space, so there's no much we can do about item duping and item loss related to this specific crash. If you feel like you lost things that are hard to recover, ping me while I'm in-game and I'll refund you.
(01-14-2020, 12:13 PM)magmaguy Wrote: I looked into it, MCMMO seems mostly restored at this point and I'm unsure that we'll be able to restore it further than this. The reason the server crashed was due to us running out of storage space, so there's no much we can do about item duping and item loss related to this specific crash. If you feel like you lost  things that are hard to recover, ping me while I'm in-game and I'll refund you.

Nope!  That's quite alright, I've already played through anyways Wink   Nothing lost that was too crazy, frankly I've already replaced it and more, I'm sorry to assault you with my drawn out description of things when it sounds like the problem became obvious pretty quickly   Big Grin   Thank you though for all the follow-up, frankly, I had to blow more than half my day dealing with subpar supposedly enterprise vendor support at work today and its lovely to come home to TWO follow-up posts from you guys with a very specific explaination of what occurred  Big Grin   Literally worlds better than Charter/Spectrum Enterprise Voice PRI support, might have nothing to do with each other but absolutely made my day nonetheless!

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