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Patch 4.4.0 | [27-12-2018]
Patch 4.4.0

- Added New Enchanting Mechanics
- Added New Enchantments [List Coming Soon]
- Added New Anvil Mechanics
- Animals on leads, in a radius of 5, will now teleport with the Player
- Added Basic Info to Spawn
- Disabled EliteMobs
- Temporarily Disabled Upgradable Spawners
- Dynamic View Distance Optimisations 
- [Liquid Tanks] Fixed visual issue if tank amount is greater than max amount after changing the max tank amount
- [Liquid Tanks] Added visual indicator if a tank is overflown
- [Liquid Tanks] Fixed issue when shift right clicking tanks with an empty hand wouldn't show up info
- [McMMO] Stripping logs no longer prevents them from providing XP / being affected by treefeller
[McMMO] Block drops during Superbreaker/double drops no longer appear on surface instead of cave
[McMMO] Fixed some memory leaks
[McMMO] Tridents are now enchantable in fishing drops

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