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Survival | True 1.13 Update | The Sequel
It's the moment we've been waiting for! 

1.13 is finally out on Matecraft Survival. 

You can log in at matecraft.org and explore this amazing update for yourself! It has even come with a beautiful world reset to add the cool new ocean biomes. 
Our spawn is incomplete so please, don't mind our appearance! It will be added to as time goes on.

Some features may not be fully functional or working properly. We are keeping an eye out for this so please be patient! We are excited for you to check things out. So log on and join us for a cool new adventure!

Some notable changes:
- tpa requests in chat are now clickable, no more need to type /tpaccept, although you can if you want too.
- Anvils will no longer tell you that an item is too expensive to repair.
- Hold a compass, it's cool trust me.
- Elytra flight comes with a built in speedometer in the Action Bar.
- Totem of undying works from the inventory, no need to hold it.
- The more people on the server that sleep, the faster the night goes!
There's more but we'd be here forever listing them all. 

Notable Bugs:
- You can NOT connect to a 1.13 server from a 1.12 server, or use 1.12 on a 1.13 server.

Have fun!

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