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Matecraft 1.13 | All Info You Need
It's that time again!
An estimated release date for Minecraft 1.13 has been given by Mojang-the end of July.
Matecraft will be updating but only once we can ensure a smooth transition & stable experience for all players. [We will most likely support 1.13 clients joining before the full transition]

A few things to note:
- The Survival worlds WILL be resetting. There are too many biome and world generation changes to ignore and let's be honest, we all want those sweet new biomes, mobs & items in them.
- There is a very high chance the Enchanted world will reset-this is not set in stone.
- SkyBlock & related modes WILL NOT be resetting.
- The old Creative plot worlds WILL be removed, please move your builds to the new ones.

- Due to the amount of things being added to SkyBlock, it is being renamed in the /nav menu & TAB to 'Aether'. You will be able to direct connect to SkyGrid & AcidIsland from /nav.
- On that note, SkyBlock Seasons are being added to Aether! Don't worry, your islands are safe, the current SkyBlock is being renamed to 'Zen' and is staying the way it is, where it is. However you will see a new icon in the nav menu called 'Seasons'. More to come after 1.13 but what we can tell you is to expect a ton of features and rewards!

- Pets are now available in the store - http://store.matecraft.org/category/1174117 - If you want pet packs, let us know! [Tags Coming Soon]
- Staff members' ranks are above their heads beside their names [We're looking into extending this feature to donors]
- Players' health is now displayed beneath their names

- You may have noticed the #media and #tutorials channels. 
-- Tutorials is reserved for videos or other posts made by staff explaining mechanics and intricacies of the server.
-- Media is for... well... you! Made a video about the server? Streaming it even? Message a staff member and we'll put it in that channel for all to see!

As 1.13 is right around the corner we will not be pushing any large updates [perhaps EliteMobs should magma want to update it] until the 1.13 release as we don't fully know what is and isn't going to break.
Thank you for being a continued part of Matecraft and sticking with us for all these years! Here's to many more!

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