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Community | Survey - Results so Far
Survey data – The results so far.
Hello everyone
I want to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone, who took the time out of their day to post on the survey and give us the feedback which has been really helpful and quite informative as to how you all interact with the server.
This data so far is based on the results we have had so far if you are still wanting to give us your feedback you are more than welcome to do so by clicking here.
Sit back and enjoy this rather long and in-depth look at the information provided.
All of this data is anonymous and we do not know who has given us certain answers and the survey is completely optional and you do not have to do it if you so choose.
So the first question and the reason why I wanted to do this was to try and better understand the player base and how you came across Matecraft and to refocus marketing. (see the graph below).
[Image: nvhHRzA.png]
The majority of players who voted had feedback that they found us by word of mouth, this could be from a friend, family member, etc. This is fantastic to hear that so many people are talking about the server and getting new people to join.
We are looking into a reward scheme and this is something that is currently in the works.
Seven of you managed to find us by searching for Minecraft servers or Matecraft on google and came across us.
Surprisingly only six of you managed to find us across all of the voting sites we currently advertise on, I would like to remind everyone if you can please keep voting as this does help massively.
They where a few odd stragglers two people managed to find us off of other forums (One was by Sequacious profile on Spigot) and one person found us because of a streamer.
The second question we asked was what do you like to do on Matecraft?
  • Elite Survival topped the polls with 29% of the vote
  • Enchanted came second with 23%
  • Minigames was third with 11%
  • The Aether or Skyblock game modes totalled 14% of the overall vote
  • Classic was last with 1%.
This is interesting because it tells me that Elite Survival is extremely popular with the player base and that perhaps some of the other game modes not so much. Which is something to look at going forward?
The third question that we asked was what attracted you to Matecraft in the first place, there are no surprises that word of mouth came top of this list. Which again is incredible that you are talking about the server to other people and getting them to come and check out the server.
The marketing did draw a few people into the server and perhaps not as many as I would have expected but there is still time for this to improve and change over the coming months.
It’s worth noting that some people joined because of certain plugins and the fact that we have a zero-tolerance approach to griefers.
Which again is fantastic to see as this means that all of the staff are getting rid of the disruptive and abusive players from the server.
Question four was all about why do you the players keep coming back to Matecraft and what makes you want to keep engaged.
I was glad to see that the community was head and shoulders above the rest with51% of the overall vote so far.

[Image: HQbx0QM.png]
This is amazing to see that the reason that you keep coming back is because of the players and staff on the server with the majority of the vote overall. Also, that you are happy with the update schedule and quality of things to do on the server as well.
I would personally like to see more events as I know that this polled quite low but was mentioned several times in the last question (which I will get to shortly).
One of the last questions that we asked was all about playtime and how long you interact with the server daily.
[Image: GhAVMNg.png]
This was quite interesting as it tells me that when players join the server, they spend on average around 3 to 4 hours playing on the server before they leave to do something else.
Whereas a majority of you might only spend an hour here or there playing each day, which kind of ties into what we can do to improve the server which I am going to get to and if this number changes once all of the changes have been made.
The last thing that was asked was more of a suggestion and was what would you change to make the server better. This had a range of different answers and I have given this back to Sequacious & Magma to have a look at and discuss between themselves.
But as a bit of an insight the majority of these where aimed at Elite Survival and wanting to make changes there (which I have passed to Magma to look into).
Another thing that was mentioned quite a bit was wanting more community events and is again something I have passed back (I just want to say a big thank you to Kitty for running the events that she has done so far. As we had some very positive feedback from players on how much they enjoy them).
This is everything that I have so far if you have enjoyed reading this rather long post about what you think let me know.
In the future I might end up doing more of these as this kind of information we get from the player base is massively helpful, in the efforts to improve the server and also make the changes that you want to see and implement new things.
I would also like to remind you to keep voting for the server across all of the vote sites and get your merch while it is here and prepare for the 7th-anniversary celebrations.
Thank you.

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