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Bloody_Sinx | Rejected
Username: Bloody_Sinx
Ban Time: 1 Day, 5 Hours
Ban Reason: Apparently i was being "disrespectful" yeah i dont see it either.

So I will say the situation, I said sam was rich, he thought otherwise. Sam said he got the money from family members dying. i sad "oh so you murdered them" (obvs as a joke) and he said it was offensive and he started to insult me and call me a pshyco and i was like "but i did not do anything" and i kept saying that and the mods- oh the mods the did nothing about it, i was being bullied and i get a ban for it- 

so now that you have the info i expect to be unbanned

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Bloody_Sinx | Rejected - by bloody_sinx - 04-13-2020, 05:55 PM
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