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Update 4.0.0 + Patch 4.1.0 | [21-12-18]
Update 4.0.0

- Added Dynamic Caves;
-- Cave Growth - Caves that are inhabited for a long time grow vines, stalagmites, and generate pebbles to make caves look run down.
-- Hungering Darkness - The hungering darkness are invisible entities that kill you if they find you in a place with zero light. If you are being targeted by the hungering darkness, you will hear a strange sound coming towards you.
-- Cave Ins - When very, very low underground you should bring a rabbit foot with you to avoid cave-ins from happening. Once a cave-in happens, the cave around you collapses with a deafening blast while blinding you in the process.
-- Cave Temperature - When caving, the lava in caves brings the temperature to at least 200,000 C (trust me i'm a scientist). Because of this, when low underground your character will complain and you'll fatigue every now and then. To avoid this from happening, bring either a water bucket, potion, ice, snow, or etc.
-- Ambient Sounds - Sometimes while exploring a cave a creepy song will play or you'll hear strange sounds. A few examples would be water dropping, someone saying "oh" softly, or a spooky music disc playing lowly.
-- Custom Structures - Tiny little structures that spawn throughout caves to make exploring more interesting. Chests that can spawn in these structures contain items that you need to survive, so living only in a cave is now possible without travelling to the surface. There are currently 36 different structures.

- Added New Cave Mobs;
-- Alpha Spider - Alpha Spiders are the kings of the spider nation. They can poison you on attack, web you, and even summon minions to help attack. They are very dangerous in small spaces due to the fact that they can web you stuck if you are not careful.
-- Smoke Demon - Smoke Demons are the souls of many miners who have died in gas leaks. Due to their unrest, they hunt you down in the form of a shapeless cloud of poisonous gas. However, bright lights can kill them just like the hungering darkness.
-- Lava Creeper - Just when creepers couldn't get any worse, now some that spawn in caves blow up into fire, lava, obsidian, and magma. Bring a water bucket and watch your back if you want to live. Lava Creepers shoot lava particles out of their head so that you know which type is which.
-- Hexed Armor - Hexed Armor is a more annoying than dangerous mob. If you get hit too many times by hexed armor, the cursed armor will rip off your current armor and glue itself to you.
-- Magma Monster - A monster so hot it scorches the land it walks on. Also sets you on fire if you are hit by it so watch out.
-- Watcher - A monster that jumpscares you if you are not careful. If you look away from it while it is attacking or following you, it will teleport in front of you and jumpscare you. Dangerous with other mobs around, but easy to kill alone.
-- TnT Infused Creeper - When this creeper explodes, one to two TNT will appear and also explode causing triple the explosion power.
-- Dead Miner - Miner who couldn't find his way out of the caves below. Eventually by some unknown way, he was resurrected as a zombie and now stalks the caves looking for other miners to join him. While he walks around, he will place torches if it gets too dark. He also drops items from time to time when he is hit.
-- Crying Bat - A rare mob in the form of a bat that appears and cries randomly, then disappears after some time.

- Modified Nether Generation
- Added Dynamic Nether;
-- Overgrown Nether - The Nether now generates vines of cobwebs as well as mushrooms to give it that overgrown aesthetic.
-- Collapsing Nether - With so much pressure of the ground above on the nether and the heat of the lava, the nether's netherrack is very unstable. Every now and then, ceilings will Collapse so watch your head.
-- Nether Lightning - The nether should be as chaotic as possible to challenge the player. So, I added lightning. The lightning doesn't strike the player always, but it's strikes randomly every now and then to add extra ambiance.
-- Ambient Sounds - Ambient sounds have been increased for the nether in order to make the place as spooky as possible. When lower down in the nether, you will hear metal clanking in the distance, monster roars, and more. While you are higher up, wind sounds will be played. Netherrack makes a squishy sound and soulsand makes tiny screams and moans when walked on.
-- Block Mechanics - Soulsand and Netherrack now have new mechanics that change the way you travel / mine in the nether. Netherrack has a chance to spawn fire when mined. Soulsand doesn't like to be run on. If you are caught running on soulsand, the souls inside the soulsand slow you down drastically so that you can barely run.
-- New Drops - Zombie Pigmen and Wither Skeletons aren't as useless as they were before. Zombie Pigmen now have a chance to drop haste potions while Wither Skeletons have a chance to drop Splash Potions of Wither.
-- Blinding Enchantment - Blinding is a new enchant that comes with the swords that Alpha Pigmen have. In order to obtain one, you have to kill an Alpha Pigman. They come in either Blinding I or Blinding II and can be further enchanted.
-- Lava Buckets - In the nether, lava buckets become super-heated and burn the player when held. Not only that, but placed and picked up lava is in a sphere instead of a single block.

- Added New Nether Mobs;
-- Abomination - When the time of wither and their servants were still in their prime, wither scholars explored the vast network of magic that resided in the nether. The only problem is that the infinite amount of knowledge transformed them into a abomination that took on the powers of the wither and attacks any humans on sight.
-- Old Shadow - An ancient manifestation of the fears of man that hungers for more power. It wanders the dark world of the nether in search of players and devours them inside of itself.
-- Molten - A being made of lava that is so hot it scorches the ground it steps on.
-- Fireball - A ghast trapped within a skeleton. Due to the skeletons power, the ghast can only launch weak fireballs at the player but they still pack a punch without fire resistance.
-- Inferno - A flying eye that sees all and burns all. If a player is spotted, it will burn the player alive unless he is sneaking. Due to their low intelligence, sneaking causes the inferno to loose sight of a player.
-- Sherogath - A living error. Further research into the Sherogath gives evidence that the nether is a simulation of the overworld rather than a real dimension.
-- Sadness - Living Sound that changes based on how close you are, attacking this sound close enough causes the sound to aggro and attack you back.
-- Alpha Pigman - Pigman that was given enhanced physical qualities during the great wither war to fight against the ghasts. Now wanders around without purpose with it's brethren.
-- Ghast Buff - Ghasts have also been improved. They now have a special ability where they can turn invisible for a short amount of time. Their fireballs are also faster and more powerful then they were before.

- Added Misc Animations to; Workbench, Furnaces & Chests
- Added Monetary Penalty for Death
- Added Realistic Horse Breeding - Stats, Colors e.t.c [Tutorial Coming Soon]
- Added Realistic Sheep Breeding - Colors
- Re-added Liquid Tanks - Water, Lava, XP e.t.c [Tutorial Coming Soon]
- Tweaked SP earn rate on Wands
- Passive Mobs will now hit back
- Leaves now decay much faster than Vanilla

- Added Dynamic Mining;
-- Fluxes. (Orbs you can find when mining certain ores which can then be sold to a mining market.)
-- Gemstones. (Same as above but require an augment in order to find these. These Gemstones will have more features in the future. They can currently be sold to the mining market as well.)
-- Runes. (You get these from killing Rune Guardians. You summon these with Rune Dust by clicking on Diamond Ore. Runes are a custom currency and used to unlock things / use items.)
-- Passives. (If you've used fishing you'll know what this is. This is basically 15 custom abilities that expand and enhance your mining experience.)
-- Zeta. (This is the custom currency for mining, this is currently used to upgrade passives. You can get Zeta from breaking ores when mining.)
-- Mining Level & Skill Tree. (This is used to spend skill points on perks, such as increasing your Zeta gain or the maximum number of passive slots.)
More Details Soon

Patch 4.1.0

- Added Up-gradable Spawners [Tutorial Coming Soon]
- Added Up-gradable Furnaces [Tutorial Coming Soon]
- Added Up-gradable Hoppers [Tutorial Coming Soon]
- Added Auto-Farmers [Tutorial Coming Soon]
- Added Mega Stacks - Ability to stack over 1 billion blocks in a single block. Place a stack of an item with string in an Anvil.
- Fixed the Nether respawning players on the roof and getting them stuck
- Fixed Miscellaneous Console Errors
- Implemented a temporary immunity after respawning to avoid instant deaths
- Preparation for Crates

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