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A Quick Update | From Us to You
Hello fellow Matecrafters! 

I bring to you some IMPORTANT server information!

   We now have direct links to our Matecraft store, Discord, IRC, Reddit, Youtube Twitter and to Trello, located on the NAV bar. So you can have easy access to all of Matecraft- it is right at your finger tips!
   If you are unaware what Trello is, it is a website so you can see Matecrafts to-do list with upcoming features and such! 

   The ‘Tessellating Block Bug’ is a problem on Mojang’s side, unfortunately they have to fix it. It is out of staff’s control! But, on the bright side, Survival’s lag issue is fixed!

   Unfortunately the Creative World Conversion is still broken from updating to 1.13. This is why, for the time being, Matecraft Creative will remain in 1.12.2. Don’t fret, those coral blocks will be heading to a Matecraft near you as soon as possible!

   There is a high chance that SkyBlock will reset for 1.13. Our staff is currently working with the plugin Dev! We are working closely with him to make sure we give you the best and most personalize experience.

   Lastly ending on a nice note, Enchanted is resetting for 1.13! It will be down until the the 1.13 version is ready. So when it does, prepare yourself for an awesome experience!

Thanks everyone and have a super day!

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