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Survival | True 1.13 Update | The Prequel
It's that time many of you have been waiting for!

Survival will be making it's full transition to 1.13 tomorrow! And if all goes well it'll stay there Wink
This comes with a full world reset, and a bunch of new and returning features alike. 
1.13 is a huge update and some things may not function as intended straight away. We will be keeping a close eye on things and making tweaks after the update as needed.

Known Bugs:
- The Member+ quiz will not work. We will fix this asap.
- Moving to a 1.13 server from a 1.12 one will disconnect you, but if you start in a 1.13 server [Survival or Creative] you can go back and forth without issue.
- 1.12 Clients may not be able to connect, however this has not been extensively tested.
- Teleporting to players across servers is non-functional. You have to join the server they're on, then send a /tpa request. We're working on bringing this back.
- Some donor perks are broken, e.g /gadget. These are being fixed. MANY legacy donor features have broken and will not be receiving updates from the plugin developers.

Creative will follow into 1.13 shortly after Survival so you can get to building with all the great new stuff added in this update!
The old plot worlds will be removed when Creative is updated. This is your absolute last chance to move your builds into the new MiniPlots and MegaPlots worlds.

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