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SkyBlock 7.1.0 | Now Open
SkyBlock 7.1.0 | Now Live

SkyBlock is finally back on the Matecraft Network!
As of this post the whitelist is officially OFF and the server is OPEN!
Be sure to check the '#server-changelogs' channel on Discord [or this link: Patch 7.1.0 | [09-01-21] (matecraft.org)] for everything that has been changed/patched since Beta and as always with any new server, there still may be lingering issues or bugs despite the testing so be sure to raise anything in #support or any ideas you have in #suggestions! [Both channels on Discord]

One thing that wasn't mentioned in the changelogs, when you run /is for the first time, there is a new 'Classic' option!
This is your standard, old fashioned, SkyBlock Island. Some dirt, sand, stone and a tree. Good luck!

As always folks, Happy Matecrafting!

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