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Community | Vote rewards, Community & More
Hello there I wanted to bring you something a little bit different to the recent update posts and hot fixes that we post here in the announcement.
Myself, MagmaGuy & Sequacious have been looking at various ideas the advertising and marketing of the server going forward. While going through this process we have come up with additional ideas and would like feedback from you the players of the server and the staff as well.
Now some of these changes might not happen over night and they could be a few weeks down the line. As there will need to be various discussions had on what is the best way to implement these changes and what affect it is going to have on the server and the community as a whole.
I am going to split this down into categories, the first one is relating to my favourite subject and that is voting, vote rewards and player interaction.
As I am sure you are all aware, we now have a lot more vote sites and chances for you to gain rewards in game across all of the Matecraft servers.
What I would like to ask is for your help with this, as we are now set up on the majority of the voting sites and we are constantly tweaking things in the backend, by either changing the wording of our advertisements, creating new media to advertise with.
It would be much appreciated if you could just spend 5 minutes a day to vote for the server and this will help us out massively.
We are also looking to make changes to the server based on this as well, some of these changes are as follows. Sending helpful reminders to players to ask them to vote for the server (This is something we are looking to roll out across the server and possibly to discord as well).
Other options that we are currently considering are additional vote rewards for players along with the crate keys. These could be called MateVote Rewards, this is something that I am welcome to getting feedback from you the players.
The initial thoughts are to do a reward system by getting x number of votes per day, then we can issue a reward for reaching that number (Either a drop party of loot), Weekly vote rewards and a leader board and some form of additional tag for players who are regular voters;
The second categories are more related to events and the community itself. As I want to make sure that everyone when they come onto the server. That they are engaged in the community and have something to do and that there is always something happening.
One of the other ideas that was suggested was a global events system, this could be anything from a Lottery system where you pick a number and win a prize to unscramble the word, to other events.
The last category relates to referral rewards & promotional code rewards.
This is something that had been discussed in brief but we had been looking into the possibility of adding a refer a friend scheme where you get someone to join and you get a reward for doing so; 
We also wanted to possible trial the referral reward code rewards where we might post something on one of our social media pages and you have a limited time to claim the reward;
There are other smaller updates that we are looking into such as Holographic Chat for Donators and possible doing some sort of a quiz for new players to gain Member more easily.
The majority of these are up for debate as they will need to be implemented in the correct way.
Which is why I am asking for feedback from everyone who plays on Matecraft, for your input (I have added straw poll links to the post at various parts for you to vote) if you do have any additional ideas you would like to discuss. Please post them under suggestions on the forums and we can poll it.

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