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    Thread: Ravager111 | Pending Helper Slot
Post: Ravager111 | Pending Helper Slot

Why I'd like to be staff: This legitimately is the one and the only server I play on, I've been on since Sid was around. I love watching this server grow. My Current Playtime: Well above 1500 includin...
Ravager111 Helper Applications 0 517 08-27-2021, 10:12 PM
    Thread: SkyBlock 7.0.0 | Beta Application | Closed
Post: RE: SkyBlock 7.0.0 | Beta Application Thread

[quote pid='1741' dateline='1609360192'] Minecraft Username: Ravager111 Matecraft Playtime: 32 days Matecraft Primary Rank: helper Discord Username: Ravager [/quote]
Ravager111 Aether 42 30,477 12-30-2020, 09:44 PM
    Thread: Ravager111 | Retired
Post: Ravager111 | Retired

Why I'd like to be staff: Having been a member since sometime in the summer of 2016 I have played quite some time here. Most recently I have gotten back into Matecraft seeking a position to help the p...
Ravager111 Helper Applications 0 2,153 05-15-2020, 03:19 AM