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1.18 on Matecraft - Sequacious - 12-13-2021

The Nexus & Nexus Arcade have been updated to 1.18.1!
Known issues;
- Some holograms are currently not displaying as intended.
- Most Arcade games are down. Bed Wars & The Lab are functional.

Elite Survival
Elite Survival has been updated to 1.18.1!
- All progress, bar EliteMobs, has been wiped.
- Map has been fully reset. No warp-back.
- Spawn is currently being worked on. For now, enjoy the stone disk.

Creative has been updated to 1.18.1!
- Everything should be functioning as intended, please let us know if there are any issues via the support channel in Discord.

All servers should be backwards compatible with 1.17 and beyond.
For now, any server that is still 1.17 will need to be joined with 1.17 to avoid gameplay issues.

As always there can be bugs with new servers/updates so please report them to us as you find them both on the Forums & in Discord.
As always, Happy Matecrafting!