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Matecraft's 6th Birthday Celebration! - CaptainKitty - 04-18-2019

We are holding two fun contests for Matecraft's Birthday on Saturday!

[Image: ef756c6ecfdc1cf509cb0175dd33c76d.svg] [Image: 540448957013164042.png?v=1] MATECRAFT TREASURE HUNT[Image: 540448957013164042.png?v=1]  [Image: ef756c6ecfdc1cf509cb0175dd33c76d.svg]

Date and Time:
April 20th, Saturday at 7:00pm  GMT
April 20th, Saturday at 7:00pm  EST

Chests will be scattered about Matecraft's Classic spawn, filled with fun loots to celebrate Matecraft's birthday. At 7:00pm you will be set to find the various goodies! The items you find can be transferred onto either Survival or Enchanted, if those are your preferred servers you play on.

-No using /fly
-You can participate in the treasure hunt at both times it is being hosted
-If you would like to transfer the loot you found onto a different server, you cannot keep it on Classic

[Image: ef756c6ecfdc1cf509cb0175dd33c76d.svg] [Image: 540448957088923648.png?v=1] CHUNK CONSTRUCTS || COMMUNITY CHALLENGE[Image: ef756c6ecfdc1cf509cb0175dd33c76d.svg] [Image: 540448957088923648.png?v=1]

Date and Time:
April 20th, Saturday at 7:30pm - 8:00pm GMT
April 20th, Saturday at 7:30pm - 8:00pm EST

Objective: Build anything in a 16x16 contest area and write in a book one reason why you love Matecraft.

Prize: $25.00(USD) Matecraft Store Credit

- The set time limit is 30 minutes
- If you come late, you can still join! But you only have until 8:00pm to complete your build
- No teams, you must build by yourself
- World Edit is not allowed
- The build must be in the 16x16 area
- The build must contain a book with one reason why you love Matecraft
- Griefing is not allowed
- The winner of the earlier contest can participate in the second contest, but will not eligible for the second prize
- Everyone is allowed to participate, this includes staff!
- Each contest will be moderated to ensure no foul-play

At the end of the contest everyone will vote for their favorite build, you cannot vote for your own. If there is a tie between builds, every participant will vote in a tie breaker. The winner will receive $25.00 USD Matecraft Store credit!

Happy Birthday Matecraft!! [Image: 540448957088923648.png?v=1]