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State of Matecraft #6 | Aether, Classic & Vanilla - Sequacious - 01-02-2021

Hey all!
New year, new updates!

Aether - SkyBlock:
The SkyBlock 7.0.0 Beta has begun and has already had some great feedback!
If you'd like to get in on the testing, apply here; SkyBlock 7.0.0 | Beta Application Thread (
This Beta will run until 10pm BST on Thurs 8th Jan, at which point the server will be closed and reopened the next day [Fri 9th] for it's full launch.
Once SkyBlock is fully launched, the other Aether servers will come out at a much faster pace, in the following order;
- SkyGrid
- AcidIsland
- CaveBlock
- OneBlock

We've made the decision that Classic will be permanently closing once Minecraft 1.17 drops.
We do not make this decision lightly, however it is the most under-utilised server on the entire network, and currently is one of the biggest storage hogs due to the online map.
A download of the worlds will be provided once the server is closed.
The WoodLeague and StoneLeague Mob Arenas [and their respective tags for high score holders] will be moving to Enchanted on it's re-opening.

In Classic's place, we'll be testing the water with a few ideas.
The first is Matecraft: Vanilla!
A back-to-basics, Vanilla server, where the single only non-standard feature will be the linked chat to the rest of the network.
If it's popular, it stays. If not, no problem! We'll try something else.

Other Stuff:
Some other things we've done as small quality of life updates;
- Nexus NPCs in the Information Area now auto-update to the newest version of people's skins
- Designer Tiers Reworked - The Builder System (
- Store Rework - Matecraft - Store | Welcome

That's it from me for now. Only a short one this time!

Until next time, Happy Matecrafting!