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Patch 4.7.0 | [18-02-2019] - Sequacious - 02-18-2019

Patch 4.7.0

- Updated to Runecraft 3.1.2

Quote:=====Energy Changes======

Energy is now capped at 5 million, sorry.
The energy bar now only displays for 30 seconds at a time.
Enchanted Golden Apple energy has been corrected.
Lily Pad energy has been nerfed again.
Fixed Mob Head energy values.
Soul Sand's energy has been reduced.

=======Bug Fixes=====

Compatibility issues for 1.13 and 1.13.1 versions have been fixed.

Tranquility is now working as intended.

Transmutation places based on direction you're looking.
Transmutation correctly charges for placed blocks.
Potions can no longer be transmuted.

Reality Master now consumes energy to build.
Reality Master can no longer place blacklisted blocks.
Reality Anchor is now activatable underground again.

Double Chests in Faiths now don't break the Faith.
Faith and Toggle Blocks now follow directions and orientations of blocks.
T7 Faiths being Pegasus'd should no longer crash the server.

Toggle Blocks now maintain waterlogging and orientation.

Signatures no longer ignore the order it's placed in.

Waypoints only need to be activated once now.

Teleporting underground is now working again.

Power Tool doesn't break shulkers anymore (again).

Bow of Light is now working as intended.

Recall is keeping villager and animal stats again.

Redstone Sensor has been fixed.

Force Field radius has been fixed.

Bottomless Cauldron is now working as intended.

Levitation Obelisk's particle count has been reduced, and lingering particles in the world should be solved.

Breaking blocks at Level 0 with Power Tool will no longer give the block but not break the block.

Force Field now pushes entities when mounted.

Multiverse loading of Genesis worlds should no longer generate terrain.

Using Glowstick and logging out before the effect ends no longer keeps you glowing.

Force Field now repels projectiles.

Hell's Maw compatibility with Jobs has been fixed. You no longer get paid or gain experience for Hell's Maw.

==========RUNE CHANGES=====

Transmutation Pattern and Effect Change - Pattern made by Rivkiin

Reality Master Effect Change

Identifier has been renamed (back) to Oracle.

==========NEW RUNES=========

Secret Rune! Shhhh...

Added Advanced Transmutation - Pattern made by Rivkiin

Added Advanced Reality Master - Pattern made by Rivkiin

Added Dragon Heart armor rune.
Idea: Rivkiin
Code: Lvletei - Rune Pattern made by Cvaughn55! - Goes to a max of 5 health per armor piece! - Stacks with Ankheg Armor!

Added Ankheg Armor armor rune.
Idea: Rivkiin
Code: Lvletei - Rune Pattern inspired by Cvaughn55's Dragon Heart design. - Goes to a max of 5 Toughness per armor piece! - Stacks with Dragon Heart!

- Temporarily Disabled LiquidTanks [DO NOT break any existing ones or you will lose contents]
- Temporarily Disabled Extra Enchantments & New Enchantment Table GUI
- Added Realistic Water Physics
- Fixed Hostile Mobs not spawning on Overworld surface
- Turned on XP from mob spawners
- Added the ability to right click crops with a hoe to auto-harvest and replant them

- Rune Guardian Changes
Quote:- Removed a function that prevented Rune Guardians from being damaged while under water.
- Gave Fire Rune Guardians fire resistance.
- Gave Water Rune Guardians water breathing.
- Fixed Lightning Guardian's lightning deleting items upon death.
- Changed the rune dust cost to summon specific guardians from 4 -> 3

- Added the ability for players to land in a "Matrix style" when gliding in an Elytra: By pressing the sneak key, the player will fall straight down and hurts nearby entities
- Added small amounts of XP gain from chopping and stripping logs