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Chunk Constructs || Community Contest - CaptainKitty - 01-17-2019

Matecraft Creative

Chunk Constructs || Community Challenge

Date and Time:

January 18th, Friday at 7:00pm - 7:30pm GMT
January 18th, Friday at 7:00pm - 7:30pm EST

Objective: Build anything in a 16x16x16 contest area and write in a book one reason why you love Matecraft.

Prize: $25.00(USD) Matecraft Store Credit

- The set time limit is 30 minutes
- If you come late, you can still join! But you only have until 7:30 to complete your build
- No teams, you must build by yourself
- World Edit is not allowed
- The build must be in the 16x16 area and cannot be more than 16 blocks high
- The build must contain a book with one reason why you love Matecraft
- Griefing is not allowed
- The winner of the earlier contest can participate in the second contest, but will not eligible for the second prize
- Everyone is allowed to participate, this includes staff!
- Each contest will be moderated to ensure no foul play. [GMT=Sequacious] [EST=CaptainKitty]

At the end of the contest, everyone will vote for their favorite build, you cannot vote for your own. If there is a tie between builds, every participant will vote in a tiebreaker. Each player will have a random chance to receive the $25.00 store credit. The winner of the build contest will have their name in the randomizer twice, giving more chance to win. Hope to see you there!!!