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  Two Block Build Battle!
Posted by: CaptainKitty - 01-17-2020, 04:14 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

It's that time again! Please join us for...
[Image: d198f92b9911c7fdbb12baa694a819a2.svg][Image: 540448957013164042.png?v=1]  Build Battle || Community Challenge[Image: 540448957013164042.png?v=1] [Image: d198f92b9911c7fdbb12baa694a819a2.svg]

Date and Time:
January 18th, Saturday at 5:00pm - 6:00pm EST

Objective: Build anything with only TWO different blocks, of your choosing,  in a 30x30 contest area

Prize: $10.00(USD) Matecraft Store Credit [Image: 141d49436743034a59dec6bd5618675d.svg]

- The set time limit is 1 hour
- If you come late, you can still join! But you only have until 6:00pm EST to complete your build
- No teams, you must build by yourself
- World Edit is allowed
- The build must be in the 30x30 area
- The build must contain only two different kinds of blocks
- Griefing is not allowed
- Everyone is allowed to participate, this includes staff!
- The contest will be moderated to ensure no foul-play

At the end of the contest, everyone will vote for their favorite build, you cannot vote for your own. If there is a tie between builds, every participant will vote in a tiebreaker. The winner will receive $10.00 USD Matecraft Store credit!

Have fun and happy gaming!
[Image: 540448957088923648.png?v=1]

  Classic & Enchanted Now Open | [10-09-2019]
Posted by: Sequacious - 09-10-2019, 03:06 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Both Classic and Enchanted are now open in a soft launch.
This means that there may be issues and only if absolutely, may be reset, however this is unlikely.

Classic is a fully supported base 1.8.8 survival server that clients up to 1.14.x can join.
Featuring aspects from old builds of our own survival server, Continuity, as well as features from older Matecraft Enchanted and SkyBlock servers, this is truly a nostalgia buffet.
Notable Features;
- mcMMO Classic
- Runecraft 2.0
-- Acolyte & Oracle Runecraft Ranks
- WoodLeague & StoneLeague Mob Arenas
-- Gladiator & Warrior Ranks
- InfernalMobs with ALL of the older player-created mob drops back
- Dynamic Map at https://www.matecraft.org/ClassicMap
& more.

Enchanted is a more difficult survival experience which greatly modifies base Minecraft and also expands the end-game beyond beating the Ender-Dragon.
Notable Features;
- Magic | Player craftable wands with individual upgrades
- New Enchantments | With a brand new enchanting GUI, enchant items up to level 50
- Custom Terrain | A fully custom world, with unique Overworld, Cave, Nether and End generation
- New Mobs | Brand new and dangerous mobs that spawn in Caves, the Nether & End
- New Structures | 17 new structures that generate in the Overworld
- Tamable Foxes | Use Berries
- Right Click Crop Harvesting
- Werewolves | 3 different ways to get infected
- Seasons | Daily weathers with effects that help and hinder the player
- Souls | Drop a soul where you die that holds all your items and XP until you get it back
- Mining | New mining mechanics including passive perks, Rune Guardians & sell-able loot
& more.

- The Member+ Quiz is once again open in Nexus
- EliteMobs & Mob Stacking is back on all Aether servers

Huge thanks to Mixter213 for his help in making the spawns of both servers and helping set the quiz back up.

Information Server Update | [26-8-19]
Posted by: Sequacious - 08-26-2019, 05:44 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

We've been quite sporadic over letting players know the status of all servers since the 'Thanos Snap' of Matecraft. This post is to get everyone up to date on what's working, what's not, and what's being worked on.

Elite Survival
Elite Survival was brought back online day 1 by sdk345 and myself [Sequacious] while keeping all 1.14 builds intact. Unfortunately it resulted in the loss of all 1.13 content.

Creative was brought back online day 1 by Sequacious, unfortunately all existing worlds were unrecoverable and no backups existed. The worlds are utilized now and thankfully filling back up with players' creations.

Zen Islands: SkyBlock was brought back online a few weeks back, with a re-made spawn by and is very close to 100% functional. At the time of writing this post, it's currently only missing Envoys however once again has challenges.
SkyGrid: SkyGrid was brought online shortly after Zen Islands featuring full shop integration, voting rewards & donation rewards for the first time ever on Matecraft.
AcidIsland: AcidIsland was brought online a few days ago [as of writing this post] for the first time on Matecraft since 1.12, and also features full shop integration, voting rewards & donation rewards.
CaveBlock: CaveBlock was brought online just a few hours ago and is a brand new mode to Matecraft featuring an entirely underground map and some fun twists we think players will love. Also already features the standard full shop integration, voting rewards & donation rewards.

Currently Offline

Currently Offline

Store: -  http://store.matecraft.org/
Matecraft's store has undergone a 100% overhaul, as have individual donator rewards. All players in game have been moved to this new system and we think it includes some things you'll all love.

Classic is the next server being worked on. There is no ETA for it as it, along with Enchanted, is one of the largest projects on the Matecraft Network.
We thank you for sticking with us through this time, have fun on what's here, look forward to what's coming and as always, happy Matecrafting!

Credits: [so far]
Bringing Survival Back Online - sdk345 & Sequacious
EliteMobs Feature Updates - magmaguy
Bringing Creative Back Online - Sequacious
Creating MiniPlots Spawn - 69OzCanOfBepis
Creating MegaPlots & TerrainPlots Spawns - Mixter213
Bringing SkyBlock Back Online - Sequacious
Re-designing SkyBlock Spawn - Mixter213
Bringing SkyGrid Back Online - Sequacious
Modifying SkyGrid Spawn - Mixter213
Bringing AcidIsland Online - Sequacious
Modifying AcidIsland Spawn - Mixter213
Creating AcidIsland Island Schematic - Mixter213
Bringing CaveBlock Online - Sequacious
Creating CaveBlock Spawn - Mixter213 & 69OzCanOfBepis
Creating CaveBlock Island Schematic - Mixter213
Discord Chat Links: sdk345
General Maintenance and Bringing Servers back to Feature-Parity - Sequacious

Information Voting Sites
Posted by: Sequacious - 08-18-2019, 03:46 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Current links to all sites Matecraft is listed on for voting;

Planet Minecraft:

Minecraft Server List:

Minecraft MP:

Minecraft Servers Org:


Server Pact:

Mine Servers:

Minecraft Servers Biz:

Vote MC:

Minecraft List: