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Exclamation Aether is now 1.18.1 & Vanilla is Back!
Posted by: Sequacious - 01-23-2022, 07:13 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

SkyBlock has been fully updated to 1.18.1!
- Shop items will be added at a later date.

SkyGrid has been fully updated to 1.18.1!
- Shop items will be added at a later date.

SkyBlock has been fully updated to 1.18.1!
- Shop items will be added at a later date.

CaveBlock has been fully updated to 1.18.1 and re-opened!
- Shop items will be added at a later date.

OneBlock has been fully updated to 1.18.1 and re-opened as it's own mode for the first time!
- Shop items will be added at a later date.

Vanilla | PvE  | PvP
- Fully updated to 1.18.1!
- PvE & PvP servers merged to form 'Vanilla', with the /pvp command on a 60 second cooldown to toggle PvP off/on.

Vanilla | Hardcore
- Fully updated to 1.18.1!
- Players have 3 lives. On losing all 3, they are banned from this specific part of the network for 3 days, at which point they once again have 3 lives.

Elite Survival
- Server view distance has been reduced. [Joining should be quicker.]
- Timber once again functions correctly.
- Multiple building tools on Creative have been updated to work with 1.18.1.

Huge thanks to @Mixter213 for his quick building work to get CaveBlock & OneBlock open as fast as possible, & to @Kintama21204 for providing updates to the specialist building tools for Creative.
As per usual, there can be bugs with new servers/updates so please report them to us as you find them both on the Forums & in Discord.
Happy Matecrafting!

Exclamation 1.18 on Matecraft
Posted by: Sequacious - 12-13-2021, 12:17 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

The Nexus & Nexus Arcade have been updated to 1.18.1!
Known issues;
- Some holograms are currently not displaying as intended.
- Most Arcade games are down. Bed Wars & The Lab are functional.

Elite Survival
Elite Survival has been updated to 1.18.1!
- All progress, bar EliteMobs, has been wiped.
- Map has been fully reset. No warp-back.
- Spawn is currently being worked on. For now, enjoy the stone disk.

Creative has been updated to 1.18.1!
- Everything should be functioning as intended, please let us know if there are any issues via the support channel in Discord.

All servers should be backwards compatible with 1.17 and beyond.
For now, any server that is still 1.17 will need to be joined with 1.17 to avoid gameplay issues.

As always there can be bugs with new servers/updates so please report them to us as you find them both on the Forums & in Discord.
As always, Happy Matecrafting!

Exclamation 1.17 Updates
Posted by: Sequacious - 08-21-2021, 09:43 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

SkyBlock has been re-opened with the base server version of 1.17.1!
- Islands have been Reset
- Player Stats have been Reset
- Resource World + NPC at Spawn Added
- Infernal Mobs Spawn in Resource World
If you would like to download the previous island world, you can here.

SkyGrid has been re-opened with the base server version of 1.17.1!
- /sg will place the player randomly in the grid with no default claim
- Placing a chest will claim a 9x9 area
- Player claims can be edited with a stick & gold shovel
- Players get more claim blocks for every hour played in SkyGrid
- Players have 1 /sethome which can be used in the Grid

AcidIsland has been re-opened with the base server version of 1.17.1!
- Islands have been Reset
- Player Stats have been Reset
- Resource World + NPC at Spawn Added
- Infernal Mobs Spawn in Resource World

- Island Upgrades from SkyBlock can be used in AcidIsland
- Fixed Crate Claiming

Vanilla PvE & PvP have also been updated to 1.17.1 and fully reset.

As always there can be bugs with new servers so please report them to us as you find them both on the Forums & in Discord.
As always, Happy Matecrafting!

Exclamation Vanilla PvE & PvP | Now Open
Posted by: Sequacious - 05-02-2021, 10:27 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

Hey all!
As of this post, the PvE & PvP sections of Matecraft Vanilla are now open!

Due to Mojang changing their plans for 1.17 we've decided to accelerate ours.

For those of you unaware, 1.17 as an update has been split into 2 parts.
Part 1, which is coming out this Summer, we've been told consists of new items/blocks & mobs, but will contain no world generation changes.
Part 2, which has been projected to come out holiday this year, will contain the new caves, cliffs, world height changes, the Warden mob & basically all the features we actually need to fully justify world resets/updates e.t.c.

Due to this info, while Vanilla as a server is slated to reset every major update, may not reset for 1.17 Part 1, unless we get some unforeseen features in this part that deem it necessary.
So with that said, let's get into the new servers!

Vanilla | PvE
Vanilla PvE is a Vanilla Minecraft experience with PvP, Looting, Stealing & Griefing disallowed.
The only usable player commands include;
- /tags
- /nav
- /check | /checktop
- /donate
& for donators of certain tiers;
- /pets
- /gadgets
- /nick
There are NPCs at spawn to go to the other Vanilla modes, switch modes entirely and open the Matecraft store. Spawn is located at co-ords 0, 0.

Vanilla | PvP
Vanilla PvP is a Vanilla Minecraft experience with PvP & Stealing allowed.
Griefing is disallowed.
The only usable player commands include;
- /tags
- /nav
- /check | /checktop
- /donate
& for donators of certain tiers;
- /pets
- /gadgets
- /nick
There are NPCs at spawn to go to the other Vanilla modes, switch modes entirely and open the Matecraft store. Spawn is located at co-ords 0, 0.
Spawn also includes 4 pads to randomly teleport anywhere from 100 <-> 10000 blocks away from spawn if you don't want to risk getting caught unawares.

As always there can be bugs with new servers so please report them to us as you find them both on the Forums & in Discord.

As always, Happy Matecrafting!

Information State of Matecraft #9 | The Nexus & Aether
Posted by: Sequacious - 03-24-2021, 10:15 PM - Forum: BtS - No Replies

Hey all!
It's that time again, where I bring you a bunch of updates that don't really belong anywhere else!

Nexus has by far received the most updates.
As announced earlier this week in Discord, the Arcade and Nexus have become one server.
Just to recap, Nexus is now composed of two parts;
- The Nexus Hub
-- Portal Hub
-- Member+ Quiz
-- Information Area
- The Nexus Arcade
-- Arcade Lobby
-- All Minigame Worlds
If you leave the server while in the Nexus Arcade Lobby or any other Minigame Map, when you rejoin Nexus you will spawn in the Nexus Arcade Lobby.
If you leave the server while in any Nexus Hub world, you will respawn in the Portal Hub like normal. As a secondary note, the Member+ Quiz will no longer save your progress if you switch servers. This is mentioned at the beginning of the Quiz.
You can get back to the Portal Hub at any time via /spawn

As well as the merger, we've also added a bunch of content to the Arcade!
- BedWars has expanded to include;
-- 14 Maps for Solo/Doubles Modes
-- 12 Maps for 3v3v3v3/4v4v4v4 Modes
- TNT Tag has expanded to include 11 Maps
- Block Party is now Open
- Impostor is now Open | 2 Maps - Polus & Skeld
- TNT Run is now Open | 2 Maps - Arena & Canyon
SuperSmashMates Remains Temporarily Closed & Survival Games is Coming Soon!

The Aether Hub has been retired in favour of direct connections as the plans for it have unfortunately fallen through.
aether.matecraft.org will now connect players to SkyBlock & any [aethermode].matecraft.org IP will work as normal.

/nav has been updated to reflect all Aether, Arcade & Nexus changes.
[Image: LXiIKgR.png]

That's it for now, hope you like the changes and as always,
Happy Matecrafting!

Information State of Matecraft #8 | The New Player Experience
Posted by: Sequacious - 02-17-2021, 03:33 PM - Forum: BtS - No Replies

Hey all!
It's that time again, where I bring you a bunch of updates that don't really belong anywhere else!
Let's get straight into it!

Nexus / Aether Hub
Not much on this one.
The Hotbar items on Nexus & Aether Hub will no longer glitch in/out when you first join & the item cooldown has reduced to 3 seconds from 5.

Elite Survival
Alrighty, here's where the bulk of it begins.
First & foremost, we've done a ton of work to try & reduce the connection & framerate lag people have been experiencing when joining Elite Survival.
While it's not all gone, we've eliminated a huge portion of it.

Secondly, one of, not just Elite Survival's, but Matecraft's largest downfalls was the new-player experience.
I'm sure many of you [especially staff] have witnessed players asking the same questions over & over.
The Elite Survival spawn has been reworked to include better, clearer, information & locational pointers, as well as some quick access items such as clickable signs that reveal an updated warps menu.
[Image: ouJmxka.jpg]
The crates are now located down the ladders and groundwork has been laid out for better crate rewards, as well as new crates.
The PvP Arena has also had some work done to make it easier to get into, as well as to try and mitigate early combat leavers. [Chickens in other words Wink]

Hooo boy. This list of changes is gonna be a doozy.
First and foremost, spawn has had a major overhaul.
Take a look at the new first thing you'll see at /spawn;
[Image: Tzm99mS.jpg]
As you can see, the hologram text has been updated to match ES', as well as the new layout of the world portals;
On the left - the 3 plot worlds, on the right - the 3 freebuilds, and if you turn to the far right - the new locations of the WorldShapers and Designers portals.
You'll also notice the 3 Event World NPCs have been repositioned to between the portals themselves.

Second change, the hotbar.
Nexus has leaked into Creative and given you some nifty tools.
The Compass, Name Tag, Emerald and Ender Chest all function the same as Nexus. [Being Navigation, Tags, Store and Donator Gadgets respectively]
The three new items are the Enchanted Book, Diamond Pickaxe & Enchanting Table;
- The Enchanted Book is a Quick Warp to a brand new area we call "Builder Information".
This area includes info about loads of perks you get with every tier of Builder, all separated into their own little spots;
[Image: KgBRPT1.jpg]
This area is still being built but we'd love to hear what you think! Maybe you'll even spot something you didn't know you had!

- The second new item in your hotbar, the Diamond Pickaxe, is a Quick Warp to the Builder Examples area, which has been in /warps for some time.
- The third item, the Enchanting Table, simply brings up all available warps in Creative, the menu itself has also been redesigned. Check it out!
These items will remain in your hotbar in Spawn, the Builder Examples & Builder Information worlds, then when you go to a world you can build in, your regular inventory gets restored.

The last new addition to Creative is /map submit
You can use this command to submit a map for ANY of the Arcade modes!
It will be reviewed as soon as possible, & if anything needs changed/reworked we'll let you know!

AcidIsland is back!
AcidIsland has once again re-opened, featuring the carried over Minion Trader & Shop reworks from SkyBlock, including the Butcher & ability to /sell from your hand / inventory.
There are a few known issues, such as initial island creation taking a while & mob counts being high, but other than that it should be smooth sailing! [Just don't touch that water Wink]

With the launch of AcidIsland, we're revealing a new release roadmap for the rest of the Aether servers.
It makes no sense to release SkyGrid, CaveBlock & OneBlock before Mojang drops the 1.17 update.
As that update introduces a LOT of new blocks & mechanics, the 3 modes would have to reset to accommodate them properly due to world generations, whereas with SkyBlock & AcidIsland these items can simply be added to shops.
Due to this they've been postponed until the update drops.

Arcade has gotten some love!
Introducing Parkour! You'll find a new NPC in the Arcade Lobby [that kinda looks like R3dWolfie] which will bring you straight to the Basic Parkour Lobby [with an option to go Advanced if you're feeling risky];
[Image: gazDek0.png]
This mode is fully featured & accepting map submissions. Be sure to read up on what different blocks do! There's some really nifty ones in there.

Second thing for Arcade, the Quick Warps for SSM & Bombermate will now change to a Quick Warp back to spawn whenever you're already at one of those modes.
This will happen if you use the Quick Warp, or via the Portal or Launch Plates, neat right? This will also happen when using the Quick Warps on Creative.

That's it for now, hope you like the changes and as always,
Happy Matecrafting!

Elite Survival & Creative Spawn Rework - Sequacious
Creative WorldShaper & Designer Portals - Ryanswizzy
Creative Builder Information Area - Sansy0703 & Mixter213
Arcade Parkour - R3dWolfie with Map Contributions & Testing by Viol3tWolf, OkayLan, Ryanswizzy, 69OzCanOfBepis & ash12181987

Information State of Matecraft #7 | Staff, SkyBlock & Member+ Quiz
Posted by: Sequacious - 01-13-2021, 02:52 AM - Forum: BtS - No Replies

Hey all!
The last SoM post I made was very short but a lot has happened since then so I'll get right into it!

Member+ Quiz:
We've received a lot of feedback from players that the quiz wasn't fit for purpose. A LOT.
Be it due to outdated questions, questions about inactive servers, poorly worded questions & answers, broken buttons, you name it.
Let me take this opportunity to say, the buttons are NOT broken, in ANY way. Phew... now that's out of the way...

With a HUGE thanks to Sansy0703 [Sam] & aboov, a bunch of the quiz's questions have been either rewritten, or completely remade.
Now there are still some questions on there about Enchanted and some Aether servers that aren't quite back yet, but you have full permission to ask staff to help you through these questions until such time as the servers themselves are actually live.

We've gotten some questions about why Helper applications aren't currently being accepted even though there's only 4 Helpers.
I'm going to answer this in 2 parts.
Firstly, there are 23 current staff members. That is a huge number when compared to our active daily player base.
Our average is 10 concurrent players, although the past week has had double that [mostly due to SkyBlock's launch]

Secondly, Experts still count as Helpers. I genuinely can't remember if we openly announced that change to the staff tracks but I'll do my best to explain it here;
Helper - Helper is the entry level rank of staff. Members in this rank have pledged to do what they can to help players. There are no extra permissions granted in this role. From Helper, you can progress in one of two ways;
Expert - Expert is a Helper with enhanced mod tools. Experts have the ability to lookup player activity and perform temporary punishments. People in the Expert role are still expected to fulfil all roles of the Helper.
Apprentice - Apprentice is what Expert used to be, which is a Moderator in training. You can be promoted to Apprentice from both Helper & Expert, & anyone in Apprentice will progress to Moderator once their training is considered complete.
From there nothing has really changed.

So SkyBlock has launched [Yay!] & we've already managed to squash a ton of bugs and work out loads of balancing issues. As well as that, we've re-enabled the Store category for Aether and fixed voting for Aether & ES [Still working on the 'dupe keys' issue].
You may be wondering what's next, well;
- SkyBlock will continue to receive bug fixes and quality of life improvements
- There are a few major features planned, one of which I can talk about today; We ARE indeed planning on introducing player to player trading and selling. This will take the form of a centralised area where players can build and control their own chest shops. We will work on implementing this in a very smooth fashion, ensuring it continues to fit the SkyBlock feel we've established with the 7.0.0 update.

Let's talk the rest of Aether.
SkyGrid is currently being worked on and will be the next to return. Please be patient though as, with the more issues that arise on SkyBlock, progress slows on Grid.
After that, AcidIsland, CaveBlock & OneBlock are due, followed by Enchanted [& hopefully Prison & Orion down the line].

Alright alright, I've been pretty dark on what Orion actually is, so it's sharing time.
Orion in it's simplest form, is &@*^#&%#^!@&^^^@&*##*#!@$@^%**%&$$$%$!^^$$^$!&@@$!&@$*$@&&!!*!#@@*$$$*#&^@#%%%&!^*#@%^# #&#@@@&&&%#^!@&^^^@&*##*#!@$@^%**%&$$$%$!^^$$^$!&@@$!&@$*$@&&!!*!#@@*$$$*#&^@#%%%&!^*#@%^##&#@@@&&%&&#&@*^#&%#^!@&^^^@&*##*#!@$@^%**%&$$$%$!^^$$^$!&@@$!&@$*$@&&!!*!#@@*$$$*#&^@#%%%&!^*#@%^##&#@@@&&%&&#&@*^#&%#^!@&^^^@&*##*#!@$@^%**%&$$$%$!^^$$^$!&@@$!&@$*$@&&!!*!#@@*$$$*#&^@#%%%&!^*#@%^##&#@@@&&%&&#&@*^#&%#^!@&^^^@&*##*#!@$@^%**%&$$$%$!^^$$^$!&@@$!&@$*$@&&!!*!#@@*$$$*#&^@#%%%&!^*#@%^##&#@@@&&%&&#
Hope that clears things up a bit.

That's it from me for now, until next time, Happy Matecrafting!

Exclamation SkyBlock 7.1.0 | Now Open
Posted by: Sequacious - 01-09-2021, 01:43 PM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

SkyBlock 7.1.0 | Now Live

SkyBlock is finally back on the Matecraft Network!
As of this post the whitelist is officially OFF and the server is OPEN!
Be sure to check the '#server-changelogs' channel on Discord [or this link: Patch 7.1.0 | [09-01-21] (matecraft.org)] for everything that has been changed/patched since Beta and as always with any new server, there still may be lingering issues or bugs despite the testing so be sure to raise anything in #support or any ideas you have in #suggestions! [Both channels on Discord]

One thing that wasn't mentioned in the changelogs, when you run /is for the first time, there is a new 'Classic' option!
This is your standard, old fashioned, SkyBlock Island. Some dirt, sand, stone and a tree. Good luck!

As always folks, Happy Matecrafting!

Information State of Matecraft #6 | Aether, Classic & Vanilla
Posted by: Sequacious - 01-02-2021, 10:16 PM - Forum: BtS - No Replies

Hey all!
New year, new updates!

Aether - SkyBlock:
The SkyBlock 7.0.0 Beta has begun and has already had some great feedback!
If you'd like to get in on the testing, apply here; SkyBlock 7.0.0 | Beta Application Thread (matecraft.org)
This Beta will run until 10pm BST on Thurs 8th Jan, at which point the server will be closed and reopened the next day [Fri 9th] for it's full launch.
Once SkyBlock is fully launched, the other Aether servers will come out at a much faster pace, in the following order;
- SkyGrid
- AcidIsland
- CaveBlock
- OneBlock

We've made the decision that Classic will be permanently closing once Minecraft 1.17 drops.
We do not make this decision lightly, however it is the most under-utilised server on the entire network, and currently is one of the biggest storage hogs due to the online map.
A download of the worlds will be provided once the server is closed.
The WoodLeague and StoneLeague Mob Arenas [and their respective tags for high score holders] will be moving to Enchanted on it's re-opening.

In Classic's place, we'll be testing the water with a few ideas.
The first is Matecraft: Vanilla!
A back-to-basics, Vanilla server, where the single only non-standard feature will be the linked chat to the rest of the network.
If it's popular, it stays. If not, no problem! We'll try something else.

Other Stuff:
Some other things we've done as small quality of life updates;
- Nexus NPCs in the Information Area now auto-update to the newest version of people's skins
- Designer Tiers Reworked - The Builder System (matecraft.org)
- Store Rework - Matecraft - Store | Welcome

That's it from me for now. Only a short one this time!

Until next time, Happy Matecrafting!

Information State of Matecraft #5 | 1.16 & Quality of Life
Posted by: Sequacious - 07-03-2020, 02:46 AM - Forum: BtS - Replies (1)

Hey all!
Been a while since the last one so thought I'd bring you all up to speed on the latest.
We get asked a lot of things and while we give answers, we don't always explain them the best.

The upgrade to 1.16 has been a rocky road to say the least.
Nexus, Elite Survival & Creative are all currently running on Minecraft 1.16.1, on a software called PaperSpigot.
PaperSpigot, while being based on the very popular software Spigot [which took over from Bukkit], is a different beast entirely.
It offers countless improvements over Spigot and Minecraft, however with these changes come risks.
We jumped the gun in upgrading to 1.16 and as many of you have seen, some players had issues connecting to servers for various reasons and ES' Nether was closed due to bugged generation. These have all been reported to the correct people but unfortunately it's a waiting game for the fixes to come out and it's not something we have the power to fix ourselves, nor can we downgrade to 1.15.
Unfortunately with Mojang announcing 1.16.2 to release sometime in the near future that also means more work for those devs and for us, it also means a slowdown in development altogether as everyone is waiting to see what Mojang will fix so they don't have to do it themselves, which is entirely fair.

What's Next:
Once the relevant fixes have come out and we can consider our servers once again stable a lot of things can be set in motion, namely;
- Elite Survival
-- Reopen Elite Survival Nether
-- Restart the Vanquisher Challenge
- Creative
-- Open the Nether FreeBuild
- Aether
-- Full 1.16 Update
-- Nether Reset for;
--- SkyGrid
--- CaveBlock
--- SkyBlock [Maybe]*
--- AcidIsland [Maybe]*
---- *These modes run off schematics so unless those schematics are rebuilt from the ground up, resetting them won't change a thing.*
-- Add 1.15 & 1.16 Items to Shops
-- Correct Villager Trading
- Minigames
-- Full 1.16 Updates
-- Arcade Opening
- Enchanted
-- 1.16 Testing

In the Meantime;
In the meantime a lot is going on behind the scenes, mostly quality of life improvements but I'm going to list it all here in case you missed it;
Nameplates have received an overhaul;
- Donators of ALL tiers now have their tag after their name over their head
[Image: Ne5jMIy.png]
- Staff members' nameplate prefix now alternates between their role and "|Staff|"
[Image: lF2sYLo.png]
Runecraft Ranks
Runecraft Ranks have had their tags changed to better support chat on multiple versions, as well as add a sense of cohesion between the ranks.
[Image: KZmmtlf.png]
- Redesigned Menu
[Image: rxiALCV.png]
- Converted 'Devotee' into the Devoted Set with more rewards
[Image: QYlFoQg.png]
Server Navigation
- Enchantment Glow & modified description on the server you're currently on
[Image: 9Sg2D0A.png]
- Edited message sent to Player on Click
Matecraft In-Game Store
- Better Links - [No more /category/8008135/]
- Added Tags - https://store.matecraft.org/category/tags
- Removed SkyBlock - Zen Islands Category
- Corrected name and desc for Aether Flight
- Corrected name for Elite Survival Category and Elite Survival Flight package
- Updated In-Game /donate Menu Icons

[Image: I2GsUGV.png]
- New GUI which displays timer until next vote
[Image: dqk9kqW.png]
- Voting on all sites grants Builder Tier 1 perks on Creative, minus the tags, for 24 hours
- Bombermate
-- Recolored Large Banner Signs
-- Modified Platform Coloring
-- NPC Added
- SuperSmashMates
-- Redesigned & Recolored Large Banner Signs
-- Modified Platform Coloring
-- Slight NPC Placement Corrections
- Arcade
-- Lobby Platform changed from MateQuake to Arcade
--- Recolor
--- Towers Added
--- Signs Corrected

As a few last things before I wrap this up, some of you may be aware some of you are not.
- The Builder system in Creative is going under the hammer [pardon the pun], bring broken down and rebuilt.
You will NOT lose any ranks currently earned or perks contained within them. You WILL have to adhere to the new criteria in order to progress further.
We'll share more on this as time goes on but it's in very early stages and not ready to be revealed just yet. 
Just keep an eye out for a few new tags showing up here and there. Might wanna check that Builder System thread out too...

We currently have a promotion going where if you run '/redeem PiglinPal' on Nexus you get your own Piglin pet to keep so be sure to check that out!
[Image: OL9O7wc.png]
You can also nab yourself a fluffy Sheep with '/redeem FeelingSheepish', and heck, you made it this far do why not give '/redeem GoingBatty' a try too!

That's it from me for now.
I know this was a long one but hopefully you learned something you didn't know before, we'll be quiet from an announcement side of things until we can get 1.16 up and running for everyone but we'll be sure to share anything that's worth sharing along the way!

Until next time, Happy Matecrafting!