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Information Matecraft Staff Team
Posted by: Sequacious - 03-06-2019, 05:33 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hey all, thought I'd make a post outlining the current structure of the Matecraft staff team, mostly for clarification purposes but also just in case anyone was generally interested.

Expert - Experts are Moderators in training. They essentially have all of the same moderation tools; mutes, kicks, bans e.t.c but the main difference is that Experts are not fully trained in the use of these tools, & are only promoted to Moderator once they are proficient with them.

Moderator - Mods manage the player base of Matecraft. They keep the server a nice place for all players & aim to stamp out any wrongdoings or misbehaviour. They have full control over bans, kicks & mutes, as well as a few other moderation tools at their disposal.

SuperMod - Super-Moderators restore order & 'clean up the mess' after a Moderator has taken care of the main issue. i.e grief rollbacks. They also have a few more powerful tools in their arsenal in order for them to further assist Admins & OPs in other, more Administrative, tasks.

Admin - Administrators manage the staff of Matecraft, as well as performing the same duties as SuperMods, & Mods before them. They also have full file access to the back-end of the server, enabling them to find and stamp out server bugs should they need to. Admins also have access to all permissions on the servers in order to do their duties in the most efficient manner possible.

OP - OPs [or Operators] are essentially Co-Owners of Matecraft. More often than not, they own, or at least manage, part[s] of the server network. Be it the website, a server itself or even the IRC chat.

IT - The IT team deals will everything in the Matecraft back-end. Including server files, the website, database management, the Discord server, the social medias, server updates, bug-fixes, the IRC chat & even the Reddit.

PR - The Public Relations team manage everything that involves interacting with the players such as server events, polls, player feedback, support & suggestions, content patch ideas, quality of life improvements and much more.

Architect - The Architects manage everything related to building. Server spawns, necessary buildings, build aesthetics, even the Creative plot paths. Everything official you see built on Matecraft has either been built by an Architect, or managed/overseen by an Architect.

IT Team Clarification:
There seems to be slight confusion about who does what in regards to IT, both on the server and in the Discord. Hopefully this will clear come of that up;
Sequacious - Primary maintainer of all Matecraft Minecraft servers. Performs most server creation, updates, content patches, bug fixes & maintenance on both the servers and the back-end. Also fixes many issues with the website.
sdk345 - Created the Discord <->IRC bridge, as well as many back-end systems currently in place to improve staff efficiency. Makes small, quality of life, plugins for the Minecraft servers & creates Discord bots. Mostly manages the website back-end & also performs bug fixes on the servers when needed.
kalmon001 - Fixes/diagnoses issues with most problems related to network issues, such as ports & firewalls. Also monitors hardware usage of the servers.
clarjon1 - Manages and maintains the Matecraft IRC server.
magmaguy - Creates plugins for the Minecraft servers, primarily EliteMobs & all updates related to it.

Exclamation Matecraft Aether | True 1.13 Update
Posted by: Sequacious - 03-06-2019, 04:31 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Zen Islands/SkyBlock & SkyGrid are now fully updated to 1.13.2!

All info in the first line. Just how we like it.
Zen Islands and SkyGrid are now fully 1.13.2, with AcidIslands soon to follow.
You can still connect with any client version 1.8.x-1.13.x. You can even use the 1.14 snapshot if you're dying to use those new textures.

Check out the changelogs here: https://www.matecraft.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=30

With these updates, the entire network cross-version support has been improved, as well as re-adding our support for the mod; ViveCraft, which allows you to play Minecraft using a HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset.

Heart Valentine's Day Spleef
Posted by: CaptainKitty - 02-14-2019, 10:02 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Heart Matecraft Valentine's Day Spleef  Heart

There is no better way to spend Valentine's Day other than a game of good ol' fashion spleef
Join us on the Classic Server for a fun prize and Valentine's Day Treat!

Time: 8pm EST (**In 4 hours**)
Prize: Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe on Classic

Heart Hope to see you there! Heart

  Matecraft Classic | Opening
Posted by: Sequacious - 02-05-2019, 12:30 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

Welcome to Matecraft Classic
A re-imagining of the 1.8 Minecraft experience.

As time has passed and Minecraft has updated [as has Matecraft] a lot of features and functionalities have had to be left behind and/or changed in order to conform to the restrictions placed by Mojang. Well no more! Classic aims to bring back many older features that were available in Minecraft 1.8, including a bunch that were in older versions of Matecraft like Runecraft 2.0, Featherflight, Playershops, to name a few.


How can I join?
Classic can be joined just like the rest of Matecraft. Either through the use of /nav or the direct IP: classic.matecraft.org
One very special feature is that, while it's still Minecraft 1.8, you can join with ANY version of Minecraft from 1.8.x-1.13.x, AND 1.14 when it releases. No need to change Minecraft versions to enjoy that nostalgia.

NO map resets, NO hit cooldowns, NO plugins breaking, NO fuss!

Notable Features:
- mcMMO
- Runecraft 2.0
- Server Map | https://www.matecraft.org/classicmap/
- SilkSpawners
- Physical Ground Item Drops
- 1.8 Continuity Spawn [Re-Imagined]
- Continuity-Style Railways
- Cities System with Region Benefits
- Stargates
- 1.8.x - 1.14.x Full Client Support
- Cross-Server Teleportation

Unfortunately some features didn't make launch, however these will be available in the coming days;
- Spawn Admin Shops
- Spawn Player Shops
- Infernal Mobs
- FeatherFlight
- Auctions
- Mob Arenas & Ranks
-- WoodLeague & Gladiator Rank+Prefix
-- StoneLeague & Warrior Rank+Prefix

Information Vote for our next event!
Posted by: CaptainKitty - 01-24-2019, 04:55 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello, fellow Matecrafters!

We would like to start doing more events on the server for you guys to enjoy. However, instead of staff picking the event, we want you to!

Please vote for an event you would be interested in seeing next. Times and dates are to be determined:


Big Grin Chunk Constructs || Community Contest
Posted by: CaptainKitty - 01-17-2019, 02:17 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Matecraft Creative

Chunk Constructs || Community Challenge

Date and Time:

January 18th, Friday at 7:00pm - 7:30pm GMT
January 18th, Friday at 7:00pm - 7:30pm EST

Objective: Build anything in a 16x16x16 contest area and write in a book one reason why you love Matecraft.

Prize: $25.00(USD) Matecraft Store Credit

- The set time limit is 30 minutes
- If you come late, you can still join! But you only have until 7:30 to complete your build
- No teams, you must build by yourself
- World Edit is not allowed
- The build must be in the 16x16 area and cannot be more than 16 blocks high
- The build must contain a book with one reason why you love Matecraft
- Griefing is not allowed
- The winner of the earlier contest can participate in the second contest, but will not eligible for the second prize
- Everyone is allowed to participate, this includes staff!
- Each contest will be moderated to ensure no foul play. [GMT=Sequacious] [EST=CaptainKitty]

At the end of the contest, everyone will vote for their favorite build, you cannot vote for your own. If there is a tie between builds, every participant will vote in a tiebreaker. Each player will have a random chance to receive the $25.00 store credit. The winner of the build contest will have their name in the randomizer twice, giving more chance to win. Hope to see you there!!!

Exclamation Creative | True 1.13 Update
Posted by: Sequacious - 09-30-2018, 01:30 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Matecraft Creative is now on 1.13!

We've managed to retain the same worlds, however there are some things for all players to be aware of;
- Homes are gone, please /sethome at any builds you spawn at, or that you own.
- The old plot worlds are gone, you were given ample time to move plot builds to the new worlds, they had to be removed due to server corruption.
- Some features may be broken or not working as expected. We're working on it. Pardon our dust.
- WorldEdit is not very optimised for 1.13. Please be careful Builders!

With this being said, enjoy the new 1.13 blocks in Creative!

  A Quick Update | From Us to You
Posted by: CaptainKitty - 09-18-2018, 09:25 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello fellow Matecrafters! 

I bring to you some IMPORTANT server information!

   We now have direct links to our Matecraft store, Discord, IRC, Reddit, Youtube Twitter and to Trello, located on the NAV bar. So you can have easy access to all of Matecraft- it is right at your finger tips!
   If you are unaware what Trello is, it is a website so you can see Matecrafts to-do list with upcoming features and such! 

   The ‘Tessellating Block Bug’ is a problem on Mojang’s side, unfortunately they have to fix it. It is out of staff’s control! But, on the bright side, Survival’s lag issue is fixed!

   Unfortunately the Creative World Conversion is still broken from updating to 1.13. This is why, for the time being, Matecraft Creative will remain in 1.12.2. Don’t fret, those coral blocks will be heading to a Matecraft near you as soon as possible!

   There is a high chance that SkyBlock will reset for 1.13. Our staff is currently working with the plugin Dev! We are working closely with him to make sure we give you the best and most personalize experience.

   Lastly ending on a nice note, Enchanted is resetting for 1.13! It will be down until the the 1.13 version is ready. So when it does, prepare yourself for an awesome experience!

Thanks everyone and have a super day!

Exclamation Survival | True 1.13 Update | The Sequel
Posted by: Sequacious - 08-06-2018, 01:50 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

It's the moment we've been waiting for! 

1.13 is finally out on Matecraft Survival. 

You can log in at matecraft.org and explore this amazing update for yourself! It has even come with a beautiful world reset to add the cool new ocean biomes. 
Our spawn is incomplete so please, don't mind our appearance! It will be added to as time goes on.

Some features may not be fully functional or working properly. We are keeping an eye out for this so please be patient! We are excited for you to check things out. So log on and join us for a cool new adventure!

Some notable changes:
- tpa requests in chat are now clickable, no more need to type /tpaccept, although you can if you want too.
- Anvils will no longer tell you that an item is too expensive to repair.
- Hold a compass, it's cool trust me.
- Elytra flight comes with a built in speedometer in the Action Bar.
- Totem of undying works from the inventory, no need to hold it.
- The more people on the server that sleep, the faster the night goes!
There's more but we'd be here forever listing them all. 

Notable Bugs:
- You can NOT connect to a 1.13 server from a 1.12 server, or use 1.12 on a 1.13 server.

Have fun!

Exclamation Survival | True 1.13 Update | The Prequel
Posted by: Sequacious - 08-05-2018, 03:10 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

It's that time many of you have been waiting for!

Survival will be making it's full transition to 1.13 tomorrow! And if all goes well it'll stay there Wink
This comes with a full world reset, and a bunch of new and returning features alike. 
1.13 is a huge update and some things may not function as intended straight away. We will be keeping a close eye on things and making tweaks after the update as needed.

Known Bugs:
- The Member+ quiz will not work. We will fix this asap.
- Moving to a 1.13 server from a 1.12 one will disconnect you, but if you start in a 1.13 server [Survival or Creative] you can go back and forth without issue.
- 1.12 Clients may not be able to connect, however this has not been extensively tested.
- Teleporting to players across servers is non-functional. You have to join the server they're on, then send a /tpa request. We're working on bringing this back.
- Some donor perks are broken, e.g /gadget. These are being fixed. MANY legacy donor features have broken and will not be receiving updates from the plugin developers.

Creative will follow into 1.13 shortly after Survival so you can get to building with all the great new stuff added in this update!
The old plot worlds will be removed when Creative is updated. This is your absolute last chance to move your builds into the new MiniPlots and MegaPlots worlds.